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Senior exhibition offers full “Disclosure”

Spring capstone exhibition offers full “Disclosure”

Contact: Cory Peeke | Nightingale Gallery Director
541-962-3584 | cpeeke@eou.edu

March 20, 2015

LA GRANDE, Ore. (EOU) – The spring capstone exhibition by graduating art majors is opening in Nightingale Gallery at Eastern Oregon University Friday, April 10.

“Disclosure” features the work of seniors Alexandra Fuller, Genevieve Gaudreau, Jessie Orduno and Tanner Yarbrough. A public reception for the artists is from 6-8 on opening night in the gallery in Loso Hall.

Alexandra Fuller’s work examines the social stigma attached to nontraditional methods of child rearing. Her charcoal drawings modernize Renaissance Madonnas in a quest to turn single mothers into celebrated figures that deserve the respect and admiration of society.

Through humor and satire, Fuller exposes the hypocrisy single mothers experience and questions society’s stereotypes about motherhood.

Genevieve Gaudreau’s work focuses on the broken structure of the familiar female form and her fascination with depictions of the societal expectations placed on women. She touches on her own exploration of identity and the disconnect she feels through a variety of printmaking and collage techniques.

Gaudreau combines and layers an assortment of materials and printed imagery to create women, at once whole, yet fragmented.

Through his work, Jessie Orduno deals with mind-altering vices and the emotions felt during such excursions. His otherworldly imagery is populated with human-like figures that serve as guides into the environment of the artist’s mind.

Orduno’s personal experiences fuel his work and his paintings invite viewers into his world of exploration.

Tanner Yarbrough’s work emphasizes the relationship between the various parts of a set to the whole and how these individual units can both build upon and support one another. Using individual utilitarian ceramic forms such as cups and bowls, he constructs connections and relationships between the forms and within his work as a whole.

Yarbrough’s work is influenced by his life as an athlete, where cooperation between people creates a stronger, more potent unit.

“Disclosure” is on view through May 1. Gallery hours are 12-4 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Connect with the gallery at www.facebook.com/NightingaleGallery or visit www.eou.edu/art for information on EOU’s art program.