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Reach the Peak award gives students support to finish their degree

Nov. 29, 2022

Reach the Peak award gives students support to finish their degree

LA GRANDE, Ore. – Eastern Oregon University’s Reach the Peak program offers returning students the opportunity to finish their degree while providing them with the support they need for success. 

Tara Cree is one of the many students that has been awarded the Reach the Peak scholarship. When asked what made her apply for the award, Tara responded, “I knew of the scholarship, but it was actually my Advisor, Kylie Evans, who asked me if I wanted her to apply for the Reach the Peak for me. I said ‘yes, what do I need to do?’ She let me know I didn’t have to do much, that she would submit me for it, that I only needed to qualify, which was needing 30 or less credits to graduate, and that I only needed 11, so I was good on that front. The only thing I needed to do was plan out with her help, the courses I needed to take to finish my degree and what term I plan to take the course.“

Tara then described her experience with the program as, “Such an easy experience, basically, my advisor did everything for me, and then I was emailed by the Reach the Peak team letting me know I was awarded the scholarship. And within minutes my advisor also emailed me congratulating me on getting the award.”

In response to the question of whether she would recommend the program to other students, Tara said, “Totally, since I only had 11 credits to go, it basically covered everything, I only have a small bit to pay out of pocket. The amount I was awarded was $3,000. Which is incredible and so helpful, when I am in the final stretch to getting my degree. Also, I was able to spread it out to three terms, so I can take one class a term since I work full time.”

As a Reach the Peak award recipient, a piece of advice that would be helpful to students wanting to apply for the award is to “Talk with your advisor to see how they can help and make it as easy as it was made for me,” said Tara.

Lastly, Tara was asked how the Reach the Peak program has affected her life. She responded, “Well, now I don’t need to take out loans for the rest of my credits I need for my Bachelor’s Degree.”

To learn more about the Reach the Peak program visit eou.edu/registrar/reach-the-peak/.