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Pierce Library transitions to shared search system

EOU’s Pierce Library transitions to next-generation search system

News contact: Laura Hancock | University Advancement | 541-962-3585 or lhancock@eou.edu
Photo by Dillon Starr / Marta Stangel and Stephanie George use Pierce Library's new search tool that provides easier access to more information.

Photo by Dillon Starr / Students Marta Stangel and Stephanie George use Pierce Library’s new search tool that provides easy access to more information.

February 24, 2015

LA GRANDE, Ore. (EOU) – Eastern Oregon University’s Pierce Library recently completed a significant transition to using a next-generation system that brings 37 different libraries together into one search platform.

It’s called a cloud-based Alma unified resource management and Primo discovery solution, but what does the new system mean for patrons? A more robust, yet streamlined search experience, says Karen Clay, Pierce Library director.

“Summit books can now be searched at the same time as EOU books, and standard searches cover articles as well as books,” Clay explained. “While this means most searches will literally produce thousands of results which then have to be narrowed down, it will be easier because students don’t have to go search the library databases and Summit system separately. Everything is in one place.”

Working behind the scenes to accomplish this forward leap is the Orbis Cascade Alliance, a consortium of 37 academic institutions, including EOU, known for innovative collaboration, and Ex Libris Group, a global leader in library automation services.

The Orbis Cascade Alliance and Ex Libris Group each played critical roles in managing the complex migration of four cohorts comprised of 6-11 libraries, each cohort migrating over a six-month period. EOU’s migration was completed January 22.

“This has been a long and complex migration and huge credit is due to the leadership, imagination, hard work and perseverance of dozens of staff across all 37 member libraries,” said John F. Helmer, executive director of the Orbis Cascade Alliance.

“For 20 years, we have been exploring the potential of deep collaboration, and implementation of this next-generation shared system is key to helping us realize our strategic goal to ‘do things once, do things together, do things the same,’” Helmer added.

Click to view larger screen shot.

Click to view larger screen shot.

Matti Shem Tov, president and CEO of the Ex Libris Group, agrees.

“Having all alliance members live with Alma and Primo is a huge accomplishment, the result of excellent teamwork and many months of intensive efforts by all project members,” he said. “This day is only the beginning. Now that the foundation is in place, we will start witnessing the emergence of new, innovative practices and services across the Alliance. We feel honored to be a partner of the Alliance and we look forward to many more years of collaborative work.”

For more information visit http://library.eou.edu/help/librarysearch or contact Pierce Library at 541-962-3579.