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GO-STEM Hub opportunities

GO-STEM logoGO-STEM Hub summer opportunities

The GO-STEM Hub is partnering with many companies to provide summer opportunities for educators and community members.

Visit www.go-stem.org to learn more about these events and to register!

Upcoming activities:


  • SuperQuest at Umatilla High School, June 22-25
    This event offers multiple sessions to choose from including how to start up a robotics club, CTE and Pedagogy, SparkFun and Code.org.


  • Vernier Software is hosting multiple sessions on how to use Vernier equipment. Sessions will be in Beaverton, Ore.
  • After Dinner Electronics Thursday evenings starting July 23
    This is a community event held at the ISB building in La Grande  from July 23 through August for two hours each Thursday night. More info to come on the GO-STEM website!


  • The Private Eye Teacher Workshop, August 17-19
    Located at EOU, this class will offer teachers a great kick-start to their year! A K-12 teacher event showing how to use STEM with the NGSS and CCSS standards. Register by e-mailing Donna Rainboth at drainbot@eou.edu.

For more information about these and other activities organized by the GO-STEM Hub, contact Katie Butterfield at kbutterfield@eou.edu.