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EOU hosts timber summit

EOU hosts statewide timber summit

Mass Timber Rising Summit 2018 at EOU

Cable loops are installed onto a panel of cross-laminated timber (CLT) before it’s lifted into place. Plans for the EOU Fieldhouse include using CLT as a primary construction material. Photo courtesy of the Oregon Forest Resources Institute.

May 22, 2018 LA GRANDE, Ore. –  Architects, builders, policy-makers and forestry experts will convene at Eastern Oregon University on June 7 for the 2018 Mass Timber Rising Summit.

Organized by the Oregon Forest Resources Institute (ORFI) and EOU’s Rural Engagement and Vitality (REV) Center, the all-day conference will feature talks about designing, testing and building with engineered wood products.

Morning presentations ranging fro

m history, to design, to cost and investment will be followed by an afternoon in the field touring  nearby forest land with the U.S. Forest Service.

Representatives from Wallowa Resources and the Forest Business Network will interact with builders, educators, developers and members of the U.S. Forest Service as they discuss potential applications for engineered wood products such as cross-laminated timber (CLT).

EOU has shown its support of these innovative products in its plans to use CLT in the construction of a new Fieldhouse, funded in part by state bonds approved by the Oregon Legislature earlier this year. Vice President for University Advancement Tim Seydel said the project will give rise to business, policy and community interests related to engineered wood products.

“Development of this emerging industry, combined with innovative building concepts, brings a new view on forest management, natural and sustainable product development, use of small-diameter timber, industry growth and jobs for rural areas,” Seydel said. “By bringing together business, industry, policy and community leaders, EOU’s Rural Engagement and Vitality Center focuses on the impacts new technology will have in communities throughout the region.”

The Rural Engagement and Vitality (REV) Center at EOU connects community needs with university resources, including research, expertise, student interns and industry conferences like the timber summit.

The free event begins at 8 a.m. in the Gilbert Event Center, and concludes at 4 p.m. Registration and additional information are available at bit.ly/eousummit.