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EOU celebrates transfer students

EOU recognizes transfer students among alumni, staff, and studentsGraduation Commencement June 2019

Oct. 18, 2019 LA GRANDE, Ore. – Affordability, location, academic programs and athletics can drive students to transfer from one university or college to another to complete their degree. More than half of Eastern Oregon University undergraduates have transferred from another institution, accounting for about 86% of off-campus and 31% of on-campus students.

“EOU is dedicated to being a premier transfer institution, and a place where transfer students can thrive,” said Vice President for Student Affairs Lacy Karpilo. “Transfer students bring their experience and knowledge to our campus, which creates a more vibrant community.”

EOU is one of the most transfer-friendly universities in the Pacific Northwest, accepting more transfer credits than most universities. During National Transfer Student Week, Oct. 21-25, EOU will recognize people who have transferred schools among its staff, faculty, current students and alumni with stickers and a special hashtag.

Andreas Brown, a student-athlete who transferred to EOU, said advisors and counselors have helped him match existing credits with requirements for his major.

“Aside from sports, the main reasons I transferred to EOU is because it has a degree for my career path, is close to home, and it felt like I was already good acquaintances with people I had just met,” he said.

Another student-athlete, Taylor Skramstad, said she appreciated the on-campus living options for upperclassmen, and that EOU offered degrees in both political science and agricultural science.

“I opted to live on campus in Alikut Hall my junior year, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience,” Skramstad said. “It definitely helped my transition from community college to a university, by giving me the university experience but in a more mature setting, and helped me get more involved on campus.”

National-Transfer-Week-2019She said EOU staff members were friendly and helpful in guiding her through the transition to a new school. Kelly Luce Sebastian, a transfer student from the Marshall Islands, echoed that sentiment.

“The advisor and staff are super helpful when they get emails, they respond in a timely manner,” Sebastian said. “When I have a problem, I immediately contact the admissions office for help and I also ask for advice on what requirements are still needed.”

In honor of #TransferStudentWeek, EOU encourages current and former transfer students to share their experience on social media or with a colleague. Visit eou.edu/transfer to learn more about transferring to EOU.