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Emergency food drive for Neighbor to Neighbor

EOU launches emergency food drive for Neighbor to Neighbor

Contacts: Linda Jerofke: 541-962 3179 | ljerofke@eou.edu
Tawnya Lubbes: 541-962-3329 | tlubbes@eou.edu

Food collection boxes will be placed in each building on campus from Nov. 21-Dec. 2.

November 16, 2011
LA GRANDE, Ore. (EOU) – La Grande’s local food bank, provided by Neighbor to Neighbor, is in dire need of food and financial support. In response, EOU will sponsor two campus-wide food drives: the first occurring later this month and the second in February.

“Contributions during these events will help this much-needed resource continue to serve the community,” said Linda Jerofke, professor of anthropology at EOU. “Without adequate resources, needy members of the community will be placed at great risk for several months.”

Neighbor to Neighbor currently has enough food and funding to sustain through their November distribution. After that time the stores will not be replenished until their next grant cycle begins in February. The food bank is short an estimated $2,500, which is equal to 40,000 lbs. of food.

Tawnya Lubbes, assistant professor of education, Rob Cashell, athletic director, and Jerofke have teamed up to coordinate the first food and money drive from Nov. 21-Dec. 2.

All food collected will stay in La Grande and be distributed to the food bank. Cash donations help purchase more food ($1 purchases 8 lbs. of food) in bulk, so the dollar stretches much further than it would otherwise.

“The food bank desperately needs this drive to supplement the regular supply, which is already inadequate,” Jerofke said. “Please donate as you are able – those in need are our neighbors, friends and classmates.”

Food collection boxes will be placed in each building on campus, including the residence halls. Students will pick up the food collections on Friday, Dec. 2. Mountain West Moving is partnering with EOU for the drives.

Donations via cash or check may be sent to Lubbes in Zabel Hall, Room 147, or Jerofke in Ackerman Hall, Room 117.  For more information contact Jerofke at 541-962 3179, ljerofke@eou.edu or Lubbes at 541-962-3329, tlubbes@eou.edu.

The EOU Bookstore is also holding their annual food drive Nov. 21-Dec. 2 with all proceeds going to Neighbor to Neighbor.  For every can of food (limit five per customer) shoppers bring in, they will receive a 5 percent discount up to a total of 25 percent off their purchase.  This offer applies at the main Bookstore on campus and the new Mountaineer Market at 1008 Adams Ave.

The athletic department is also pitching in, offering free admission to the upcoming men’s basketball game Dec. 10 with a donation of non-perishable food. Read more from athletics…