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Eastern Oregon Science Journal now on stands

EOU science journal showcases student researchEOSJ cover art Feb 2018

Feb. 28, 2018 LA GRANDE, Ore. – The latest edition of the Eastern Oregon Science Journal, now available on campus at Eastern Oregon University, includes research articles in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

Topics range from curing ebola to a novel method of testing cannabis extracts. History and art student Abby Johnston designed the cover art. Collete Zack, a pre-physical therapy student at EOU, edited this edition alongside computer science student Geoff Butterworth.

Zack took on the job as a sophomore after she decided to stop playing collegiate soccer. Majoring in exercise science, she was ready for a new project and found that editing the journal combined her passions for science and language.

“Editing the journal taught me how important it is to be persistent in what you want, especially in a professional setting,” she said. “There were days the journal wasn’t right even though I had reviewed it one hundred times, but persistence and steady goal led us to where we are now.”

Zack said she learned important time-management skills, since she had to balance her role at the journal with a full-time class load and a job at EOU’s Outdoor Adventure Program.

“It was a completely new level of attention to detail formatting the journal,” Zack said. “But I really enjoyed the meticulous work.”

Abstracts are currently being accepted for next year’s edition and are due by the ninth week of spring term.

The Eastern Oregon Science Journal began in 1983 and continues today thanks to student fees and donations. To learn more about the journal, get extra copies, view past editions or donate in support of this publication, visiteou.edu/scijou or contact the student editors at sjeditor@eou.edu.