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Clear, quick answers aid transfer students

Taking the guesswork out of transferringNanda transfer online student

Jan. 7, 2019 LA GRANDE, Ore. –  Three little words are transforming the landscape for new transfer students considering Eastern Oregon University this winter: Transfer Credit Review.

The new service streamlines a previously informal offering into a timely, accurate and valuable benefit to students. EOU online advisor Cody Singer, along with a team of admissions counselors, responds directly to requests, and breaks down which credits from prior schooling will transfer to EOU. Interested students submit an unofficial transcript and within a day or two, a counselor lets them know exactly how close they are to completing their degrees.

Since he began conducting free, unofficial Transfer Credit Reviews in November, Singer has completed more than 50 for a range of prospective transfer students. He said the overwhelming reaction has been positive.

“The majority of prospective students have been surprised by how close and affordable completing their degree can be,” he said. “Realizing that it’s possible can be pretty emotional — some are almost ecstatic.”

With 36 million working adults in America who have some college credit but no degree, there’s a clear need for transfer-friendly education. Singer said EOU’s transfer-student-friendly reputation stems from its willingness to accept credit from all accredited schools, and its tailored support systems that wrap around students to ensure success after they enroll.

Online Advisor Cody Singer works directly with prospective students to estimate the time and cost required to finish their degrees.

Online Advisor Cody Singer works directly with prospective students to estimate the time and cost required to finish their degrees.

He said the new service aims to increase the number of applicants to EOU, while helping people achieve success in their lives and careers. The institution’s strategic plan outlines goals of enrolling 5,000 students online and 2,500 on campus by 2029. It’s likely that transfer students will make up a significant portion of those numbers.

While many universities offer a transcript evaluation in some form, most can take up to two weeks and official transcripts cost students money. EOU’s Transfer Credit Review is guaranteed within 72 hours, and can be done with a free unofficial transcript. By providing a clear, accurate estimate of what courses are still required, the length of time it would take to complete those courses, and approximate total cost, an unofficial Transfer Credit Review can set students up for academic success.

“Talk about meeting people where they’re at,” he said. “I often hear from people that they want to finish their education to be an example for their kids. One person I spoke with is 78 years old and he’s determined to get his bachelor’s degree before he dies.”

Although some transfer students enroll on campus, Singer said the large majority are online students who depend on continued support from regional advisors and center directors located throughout the state.

“EOU has 11 regional centers in Oregon, where students can meet face-to-face with someone each term,” he said.

With 17 majors and 17 minors fully online, plus more on-campus, Singer said EOU offers flexible and affordable options for transfer students.

“EOU has incredibly generous transfer policies and accepts more transfer credits than most universities,” he said. “Anyone with college credit should take advantage of this free service just to see what it would take to finally earn their degree,”


Student Testimonies:

“I was extremely happy about my Transfer Credit Review. I was interested in transferring, so I emailed my unofficial transcripts to the counselor, and that same day he got back to me. The counselor said he believed all of my credits would transfer, and then once the official transfer credit review went through, all of my credits did transfer. I submitted my transcripts to other universities, and they did not get back to me about my transfer credit review for about two weeks. I loved how quick and easy the transfer credit review at Eastern Oregon University was for me.”

Tiffany Kalegi, online Psychology student (Bellevue, Wash.)

“I was very pleased with how fast and helpful Cody was to evaluate my unofficial transcripts and get me into a program based on my interests and courses I had taken. He responded to me within 24 hours via email and over the phone. Since I will be a student across the entire state of Oregon from EOU, it is relieving knowing that I can get ahold of him anytime and know I’m getting the best help. It’s almost like being there in person. It really made me feel welcomed and definitely made it an easy choice to enroll at EOU.”

Miranda Risk, online Physical Activity & Health student (Roseburg,Ore.)

“After being out of school for more than 10 years I was pleasantly surprised with the quick responses and offerings to help navigate the requirements for my program by EOU advisors. The Transfer Credit Review and follow-up correspondence reduced my anxiety and helped me see a clear path to my goal.”

Melissa Evans, online Anthropology/Sociology applicant (Bend, Ore.)

“I had a very fast and smooth transfer credit review. Everything I had questions on was answered very quickly, and EOU has been very thorough about explaining the process. Thanks to the hard work of EOU, a last-minute transfer decision has turned into a reality for my college future at EOU.”

Matt Carter, online Physical Activity & Health student (Warrensburg, Miss.)