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Celebrating Small Business Week

Celebrating small business 

Sept. 21, 2020 LA GRANDE, Ore. – Entrepreneurs in Union County and across the nation celebrate Small Business Week Sept. 22 to 24

The university hosts the region’s Small Business Development Center, a member of the Oregon Small Business Development Network (SBDCN) that contributes to workforce and economic development.

EOU students and employees remain tightly connected with local commerce, and the relationship is mutually beneficial. Business owners have partnered with the university to offer internships and career opportunities that bridge the gap between students and community members. 

“The small businesses in downtown La Grande, as well as our outlying communities, are trying to work together more to see ways they can support the students and recognize that having EOU, and the students here is a huge asset to the community,“ said Suzannah Moore-Hemann of the Union County Chamber of Commerce. 

Designated as Oregon’s Rural University, EOU is committed to serving as the educational, economic, and cultural engine for rural Oregon has never been stronger. Dean of the College of Business Ed Henninger has strengthened regional partnerships through curriculum development and the growing Rural Engagement and Vitality Center (The REV) to educate tomorrow’s rural workforce and leaders. 

“This week, we spotlight Oregon’s outstanding small businesses, their stories of perseverance and dedication, and their ability to overcome incomparable adversity this past year,” Henninger said. “During National Small Business Week, EOU is extremely proud to honor Eastern Oregon’s small businesses, as small businesses are job-creators that fuel our regional and state economy.”

For additional information about the EOU SBDC, visit bizcenter.org/centers/eastern-oregon-sbdc. Learn more about The REV Center at revcenter.org