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Annual STEM Camp brings high school students to EOU

Annual STEM Camp brings high school students to EOU

24 high schoolers at a ranch in Baker County, Ore.

A group of 24 regional high school students used a drone to capture this photo July 26 while visiting STEM industry sites in Baker county during an annual camp hosted by Greater Oregon STEM.

News contact: Julie Keniry | GO-STEM Facilitator, 541-962-3012

La Grande, Ore. − High school students from five eastern Oregon counties spent three days exploring science, technology, engineering, and math concepts at Eastern Oregon University.

The second annual STEM Camp hosted 24 high school students from July 25 to 27, and featured a day trip to a local wind farm, practice assembling and flying drones, and physics experiments on campus. They also toured EOU’s campus, met with current EOU students, and visited Blue Mountain Community College.

The Greater Oregon STEM Partnership and Umatilla High School coordinated the camp, which marks the beginning of this year’s STEM Ambassador program at regional high schools. Two students from each school were selected to attend the camp and organize a project to impact STEM education in their school or community during the upcoming year.

“It’s exciting to hear the impact of these experiences on local high school students,” GO-STEM facilitator Julie Keniry said. “When they have the opportunity to meet with students and learn more about what is happening at other schools in eastern Oregon, they feel they can make a difference at their own school.”

The GO-STEM Partnership connects schools and students with local industry and builds authentic learning opportunities related to STEM careers. Learn more about upcoming events and programs at go-stem.org or contact Julie Keniry at jkeniry@eou.edu.