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Alumna brings gaming future to EOU

Alumna brings gaming future to EOUNeonDistrict_Team (1)

May 3, 2019 LA GRANDE, Ore. – The 1-Up Game Club at Eastern Oregon University hosts EOU alumna Marguerite deCourcelle for the “Futures in Gaming” symposium at 6 p.m. on May 17.

DeCourcelle earned her degree in art and went on to start indie video game company Blockade Games. Her newest product pushes the boundaries of technology, allowing players to own the digital assets they invest in.

She’ll speak to members of the club and other attendees via video chat in Hoke Union Building, room 339. EOU students, alumni, community members, and prospective students are welcome to attend. The event also features a test run of Neon District, deCourcelle’s new RPG that uses blockchain technology.

“The Alumni Association is proud to showcase such a unique and innovative alumna,” Event Coordinator Jessie Bowman said. “Marguerite’s entrepreneurial spirit has made her a true maverick in her field and we are excited to share her story with campus and the community!”

Davon Dunajski, the game club’s adviser, said he hopes a wide range of people attend the symposium. He called on community members and alumni who are unfamiliar with the world of competitive video games and e-sports.

“If you play Uno or gin rummy, you’re a gamer in my book,” he said.

He sees the game club as a model of diversity and inclusion on campus, and said its Friday night meetings regularly attract prospective students from as far away and Boise and the Tri-Cities.

E-Sports offer a social environment and personal achievement to people of all abilities, he said. Competitive players even receive sponsorships and travel for national and international events. This new horizon of gaming will be on display and open for newcomers at the Futures in Gaming symposium on May 17.

This event is free and open to the public. Contact Jessie Bowman at jabowman@eou.edu with any questions.