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Celebrating cross-cultural understanding at CEAD

CEAD conference celebrates cross-cultural understanding

News contact: Laura Hancock | University Advancement | 541-962-3585 or lhancock@eou.edu
Story by Yurika Masuda | Senior Communications Student

January 21, 2015


Conference registration is open through Feb. 4 and is free for students.

LA GRANDE, Ore. (EOU) – The annual Celebrate, Educate and Appreciate Diversity (CEAD) conference focusing on diversity education and multicultural competence is set for Saturday, Feb. 7 at EOU.

Approximately 12 workshops will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in Badgley Hall. Xavier Romano, vice president for student services, is the guest speaker for the plenary session.

Attendance is free for all students and $25 for faculty, staff and community members. The fee includes lunch and a T-shirt. Participation will also certify four hours of diversity training. The last day to register is Feb. 4.

The goals of CEAD are to provide participants with a space to recognize and deepen the understanding of the beauty and power of diversity and social justice, as well as obstacles of privilege and bias, while leading individuals who share different backgrounds, beliefs and worldviews to critical thinking, effective communication and better solutions.

“Through CEAD, we hope to raise awareness and acceptance of diversity and create a space for dialogue on social issues and injustices, as well as develop culturally competent leaders within our campus and community,” said Bennie Moses, director of EOU’s Multicultural Center.

One of the workshops being presented is on the “Impacts of the Model Minority Myth.” Participants will discuss imperatives that have overstated available opportunities for minorities, creating a destructive myth for populations that do not fit the “model minority” stereotype.

Sarah Pedersen, EOU student and previous conference attendee, is aware of the value of diversity.

“It is important to continually learn about diversity because often those with privilege cannot see how our society is disadvantaging others based on things like race, age, gender, sexual orientation, size and other factors,” she said.

Austin Saunders presented a workshop on “Oppression and Activism in Rural Communities” at the conference last year. He also does not take diversity for granted.

“The knowledge of diversity enables us to appreciate one another and create a more peaceful society by working on difficulties together,” he said.

CEAD started in 2011 and has grown over the years. The first event welcomed about 60 people. Last year, the number rose to more than 100. Anonymous feedback received from attendees has been positive, indicating an enriched view and increased awareness of the importance of accepting self and others and becoming part of a more empowering and accepting generation.

Register online at www.eou.edu/mc/programs-services/cead-conference.

For more information contact the Multicultural Center at 541-962-3741.