AHEC Veteran Outreach

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Since October 2011, HRSA, NAO, A-TrACC and AHECs nationwide have been working to impact the delivery of healthcare services in the civilian sector for veterans, service members and their families coping with post deployment mental and behavioral health and substance abuse issues. The overarching goal of this initiative is to better serve returning soldiers and their families.

Serving in the military is a way of life. The military is a rich and distinct culture, made up of shared history, values, symbols, and perspectives. Within this culture are subgroups – each military branch has unique characteristics. – Find more helpful resources for Understanding Military Life at this LINK.

AHECs in 44 states with AHEC programs, D.C. and American Samoa are providing professional continuing education for civilian primary care, mental and behavioral health, and other health care providers, giving them the knowledge and skills needed to recognize and address the needs of this special population.

See this LINK to the Citizen Soldier Support Program’s free online accredited CE courses and contact Northeast Oregon AHEC for more information about how to watch free webinars at (541) 962-3422 or neoahec@eou.edu.

Northeast Oregon AHEC is committed to providing continuing professional education in our region. Please watch for opportunities as they become available.


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