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Welcome to the Mountaineer Family Network!  We are dedicated to connecting our Mountaineer Families through features and news celebrating the great work of our students as they launch into their lives and careers after EOU.  EOU faculty, students, alumni and partners work together to bring you a topical quarterly newsletter.  Please send us your comments, ideas and reactions to

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Mountaineer Family Network Newsletter

From the Fall 2016 Edition of the Mountaineer Family Newsletter…

From  “The Lights in the Basement are On!”

This year I was going to repeat the process.  After all, the process seems to have worked with the first child. When the semi-transition of my first child went smoothly,  I thought the next one would be just as easy.  My son was going to stay close to home for his gen-eds and then go somewhere else in Oregon to college.  He felt like he was really not a small town kind of guy.  We started all the normal preparations with FAFSA, scholarships, and college courses in high school so he would look good to schools.

It worked partly: he got into the school he wanted to go to. The problem was that the hard work that we figured would almost pay for his education through scholarships, like it did for his sister, fell flat.  He decided to go to an honor college that had higher expectations than most schools.  So now, as a family, we needed to cosign with him on a loan and really see where we needed to help. Second reality: he chose a school 2,500 miles away from home on the east coast, where the cities are.   I’m still okay right?  This is just a little glitch. Okay. How do we support him now?  My brother lives over there, so he has been gracious enough to invite my son to live with him.  That will help with the cost.  He will be fine now.  I don’t have to worry about him when he leaves.  Now I can relax, get him through the last things, and let him start his new adventure.

Kathleen Brown–Student Success Coordinator

From “The Long Trip Home”

“Three years, three countries, four cities, two degrees—Studying abroad provided me a great opportunity to experience different cultures and develop a global view; this experience will help me understand and excel in a global market. I have to admit I had to overcome difficulties such as language, culture, academic performance and loneliness. But even in the most difficult times, I never regretted the decision to study abroad.  I tell myself that life is a miracle.  I am glad that I went into the Career Center for help; I wanted a little information on resumes and ended up finding a world that I never knew could be mine.”  Na’s work with Career Services allowed her to focus her skills, experiences and goals and to connect her with career development opportunities within La Grande, eastern Oregon and China.  During Summer Term, Na was selected by Jack Howard, Union County Commission to serve as a summer intern for the Poverty in Eastern Oregon Summit.  “One of the things we’ve learned to overcome has been the   tendency to think that our problems don’t have  connections to other people or other places or even other times. Working with Na Meng on a local   poverty project for Eastern Oregon has demonstrated that the world really works best when we work together.
Na not only grasped the importance of addressing poverty in the broadest possible cultural view, but also recognized the need to bring new sets of skills to longer term and permanent solutions. With her background in finance, she did a great deal of good to add to the usual perspective of poverty as a purely social condition. That she was so successful in such a short period of time also says a lot about the ability to look outside our area to get expertise that 20 years ago would not have been available to us. For this, I especially thank not only Na, but also EOU and Justin Chin, who is leading a dynamic effort to make borders  important only when they show us where the solutions are located, “ said County Commissioner Howard.

Justin Chin–Director of Career Services

New Student Handbook Published

EOU Student Affairs has recently released its updated Student Handbook for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Special Offer for Families and Students: Microsoft Office 2016

The IT Department would like to announce a program through Microsoft which allows EOU Students, Staff & Faculty to purchase a single Microsoft Office 2016 license for either a PC or a Mac to use on your home computer.  Total cost for the installation digital download is $9.95 or installation CD is $15.95.

To participate in this offer, please visit this page: and complete the short form at the bottom of the page. You’ll then receive an email for instructions to visit a Microsoft site where you’ll have to enter a redemption code (included in the instructions)  when ordering the software.

If you have any questions about this offer, please email us at: