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EOU DEIB Events Calendar

Winter Term 2024 Events & Activities


All students are encouraged to come get a finals week survival kit at the Quad on Wednesday, March 20 from 11am-2pm.

Sponsored by: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging, Learning Center and Center for Student Involvement

Join us during the week of March 4th to March 8th, for a series of activities to commemorate International Women’s Day.

Below are the posters with details of each day’s activities. Participants can sign up using the QR code or use the following registration link to sign up –  https://forms.gle/VPko7bhhDsgvA6my6

Unleash Your Creativity: Craft Your Own Unique Tattoo Design

Students will have the opportunity to creatively design their own tattoo and will pick up their designs at the MC. During this event and time, students and campus community will be able to hang out together and talk about their creative tattoos.  Refreshments will be provided. 

1. Craft a unique tattoo design and email it to ainnis@revcenter.org by noon on Thursday, Feb 22. Design should be a JPEG or PNG format and no more than 4×4 inches.
2. Retrieve your custom tatoo on Friday, Feb 23rd at 11am-1pm in Hoke 2nd Floor. Refreshments will be available.

Black History Presentation: The Legacy of African Americans in an Eastern Oregon Lumber Town

On February 22nd, Gwen Trice from Maxville Heritage Interpretive Center will share the African American history of Maxville, Oregon (Wallowa County). Maxville is one of the largest African American towns in the region and despite Oregon Exclusion laws that prevented African Americans from settling in the state; Maxville would attract both Black and White lumber workers, who together would navigate the intricacies of segregation to form an interracial community. 

Black History Exhibit: The Life of Letitia Carson

February 12 – April 12: Oregon Black Pioneer Exhibit
Experience the richness of Oregon Black history and culture through exhibitions from the Oregon Black Pioneer – Leticia Carson.The Life of Letitia Carson: An Enduring Spirit of Hope and Freedom exhibit delves into the remarkable journey of Letitia Carson, a Black Oregon homesteader, farmer, and influential figure during the era of Oregon’s exclusion laws.

Celebrate, Educate & Appreciate Diversity (CEAD) Conference

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for: Radically Reimagining Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice, rooted in love praxis, will frame our conversation on the need for equity work and how it is incumbent upon each one of us to engage in the reflective heart work necessary to contribute to a more equitable and just society where we can all thrive together. 

Click here to register and see the schedule of the day. For more information or if you have questions, please call the Multicultural Center ar 541-962-3741 or send an email to mccenter@eou.edu.

Free Winter Gear: Sharing the Warmth One Coat at a Time

EOU’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging department has collected gently used jackets and winter gear over the past several months to support Martin Luther King, Jr.’s National Day of Service. Beginning January 17 through January 19, from 10 am – 6 pm, there will be a large assortment of FREE gently used jackets and other winter gear in the HOKE 2nd-floor lounge.