Math Relay

The Math Relay is the last team event of the day.  Each team must have 5 members compete in the Relay.  The five members must consist of exactly one student competing at each of the following levels: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and Open.  The following is a basic description of the contest, directions will be given the day of the event. Here are examples of Math Relay questions.

  • Students line up in order of their level.
  • When the facilitator says “On your mark get set Go!”, students walk quickly to the opposite side of the room.
  • Once reaching the opposite side, the student completes a short problem.
  • Once giving a solution, the student goes back in line.
  • The next student goes and so on until time is up.
  • The team with the most correctly answered problems wins.

Here is a short video of the start of the relay.