Math Bee

The Math Bee is an event for Pre-Agebra and Algebra I students only.  Similar to a spelling bee, but students try and solve math problems instead of spelling a word.  The following is a basic description of the contest, directions will be given the day of the event.  Here are examples of both Pre-Algebra and Algebra I Math Bee questions.

Round One

  • Facilitator posts the first problem of Round One on overhead/document camera.
  • Set timer for 2 minutes.  Students work problem on their own, put pencils down when finished.  Facilitator has the right to be creative with the actual time allowed for each problem but without going over the two-minute time limit.  If all students finish early, the facilitator can call time early.
  • When timer goes off, facilitator calls “Time! Pencils Down!”
  • Facilitator then works through the problem on the overhead projector/document camera, explaining her/his thinking as she/he proceeds, concluding with a clearly stated solution.
  • The college student helpers will then move along the rows of students to mark the game cards with correct answers using the special markers.
  • Proceed to second problem of Round One and repeat process.  Repeat with third problem of Round One.
  • At conclusion of Round One, identify those students who got at least two problems correct.
  • Those students who did not get at least two of three problems correct will move to the back—their Math Bee participation is over.  The students must leave their game cards at their vacated seats. 

Round Two

  • Round Two starts. It is now single elimination:  to stay in the contest the student must get a right answer.  Failure to get a right answer means the student moves out of the competition rows.

Here is a short video of an example round.