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Math Department Homepage

Mathematics Program and Career Information

We offer a major in Mathematics and we also offer three minors – one in Mathematics, one in Statistical Mathematics, and (for multidisciplinary studies majors only) a minor in Mathematical Studies:

You may download a checksheet for the following

Mathematics major.

Recognition of Minor Application and Checksheet for:

Mathematics Minor

Mathematical Studies Minor for Multidisciplinary Studies Majors

Statistical Mathematics Minor

The Eastern Oregon University academic catalog contains information about all E.O.U. majors and classes, including Mathematics.

EOU Regional High School Mathematics Competition

The state of Oregon holds an annual High School Mathematics Skills Competition.  Competitors in the State competition must first place as a top finisher of one of the many regional qualifying competitions held throughout Oregon.   Eastern Oregon University holds one of these annual regional competition.  For more information, go here.

Career Opportunities

The American Mathematical Society keeps a page of information about careers available to those with a mathematics degree.

Student Activities

Every winter we hold the annual EOU Mathematics Competition.

The Spring Symposium is held every year to give students the opportunity to show their scholarly achievements.

For the past few years we have had students participate in the Virginia Tech Regional Mathematics Competition and the Kryptos code-breaking competition.

Sites of Interest in Mathematics Education

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is dedicated to the teaching of mathematics, elementary through university level.

The Math Forum is a resource for mathematics education.

The Center for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching has many interesting project materials together with evaluation results.

The Linear Algebra Toolkit is an online matrix-friendly calculator.

We encourage you to to visit the University of St. Andrews‘ site that is devoted to the History of Mathematics.

The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse is dedicated to math and science education.

 Other Interesting Mathematics Sites

Eric Weisstein’s World of Mathematics has a great deal of information on all fields of mathematics.

Stan Wagon’s Problem of the Week is always a good mathematical brain-teaser.

The Mathematical Association of America is a national organization dedicated to mathematics and mathematics education. Our own local Pacific Northwest Section covers Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska as well as the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia.

Mathpuzzle.com has an eclectic, but interesting assortment of mathematical information, discoveries, and puzzles.