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Welcome to Eastern Oregon University! Considering EOU online? Apply now there is no application fee!


Now is the time to begin planning a degree.  Please call 541.889.7468 or 866.801.6194to set up an advising appointment at the Malheur County Center.  Questions to consider before the advising appointment:

Students degree intent?
How many credits does student intend to take each term?
Will student be taking courses in the summer?
What is the students goal graduation date? (i.e. Spring of 2017)


One of the first classes an online student will take is SSCI 175 Degree Planning workshop.  This course requires a paper registration called the “Add/Withdrawal” form.  After the form is filled out it should be fax to 541.523.9802 or emailed to tgirt@eou.edu.

This course is designed to provide students with the tools and information needed to plan their individual distance learning programs. Students will learn to evaluate various ways to construct a degree plan, and to determine which option best suits their interests, goals, and background. This course is a requirement for participation in the online/onsite degree programs.


Please take the time to review the steps to on how to start an online class.


The Malheur County Center does provide a proctor for EOU students by appointmentOrder the exam online using the following information:


Proctor First Name:  Lilly
Proctor Last Name:  Herby
Proctor Place of Employment: EOU Malheur County Center
Proctor Email Address:  lherby@eou.edu
Proctor Phone Number: 541.889.7468

After exams are ordered make an appointment to take the exam.


With Webster you can view and update your personal information including your EOU e-mail account, add or drop courses, view your academic records and financial aid and find the name of your academic advisor.

To access Webster, go to my.eou.edu


Each professor will let the student know the best way to communicate with him/her.  However, the main source of communication is through EOU’s Google Apps email.  Please head to my.eou.edu for information on how to access your EOU e-mail.


Online students and students enrolled in hybrid courses will be access Blackboard and/or Canvas to complete EOU courses. To access Blackboard or Canvas head to my.eou.edu.


For questions regarding financial aid or scholarships visit the Financial Aid Office (FAO) website or contact FAO via phone (1.800.452.8639541.962.3550).


For questions regarding a bill, students can visit the Student Accounts website, contact student accounts via email (cashier@eou.edu) or contact them via phone (1.800.544.2195541.962.3872).


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