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Computer Lab

Like many areas on campus, the Learning Center includes a computer lab specifically intended for student use.  Come use the Internet, type papers, and print for free!

Disability Services Office

If you have a documented disability, our Disability Services Office is ready to help get you the accommodations you need.

Group Study Sessions

Students from all academic disciplines make good use of our group study sessions every term, which are led by students who know the ins and outs of doing well in lower-division classes.

Math Lab

Our Math Lab offers drop-in tutoring to any student taking a math course at Eastern.  Whether you’re brushing up on arithmetic or learning calculus for the first time, the Math Lab has a tutor who can help!

Writing Center

Anyone who has taken an introductory writing course knows how helpful the tutors who work in the Writing Center can be, and they’re ready to help with any class where you have to write a paper.  Check out the main page for the Writing Center to schedule an appointment online!

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