KEOL Staff

Station Manager: Ashley Mallonee






Ashley has previously worked in radio in her hometown of Burns, Oregon. Ashley has a love for almost all kinds of music and enjoys finding new artists to listen to. Ashley is a very approachable person and will help with any questions that people may have about radio or herself. She brings a lot of charisma and experience to the KEOL station.

Program Director: Cara Campbell






Cara has been a DJ for 3 years at KEOL. She has recently been promoted to the director of our programming. Her DJ show also includes an arrangement of different music, including the Indigo Girls, which has given her the catchy DJ name of Indigo.

Music Director: Tiannah Marriott




Tiannah is the station newest music director. She will be using her expertise in music to find new and exciting bands and artists for the station.

Community Liaison: Mark Masterson

Masterson Website
Our community liaison is none other than Mark Masterson. Mark has been with the station approximately 30 years, and is effectively the historian of the station. He is also very knowledgeable about how the station should, and does, operate. While also being proficient in most of the equipment that KEOL utilizes. Generally, Mark works behind the curtains, and communicates with the Station Manager on a weekly basis.