Getting Involved with KEOL


KEOL offers a fun way to get involved. We allow any student interested to start DJ training in the station. If you are interested in becoming a KEOL DJ, email or call 541-962-3698 and management will get back to you. In addition, check the bulletin boards around campus for any upcoming meetings for people interested in KEOL.

Community Members

KEOL is funded by Student Incidental Fees; therefore, students take precedent when it comes to KEOL’s operations. However, KEOL could not function at its current level without the support of community members. At this moment, about half of the active members of KEOL are community members. If you are a community member, you are also welcome to begin training to become a KEOL DJ. Just contact the KEOL management at or 541-962-3698.

Station Tours

If you are interested in getting a tour of the station, please contact management to set up a time. This would be a perfect opportunity for people interested in becoming a DJ, school trips, or just curious minds. For school trips, the smaller the group, the better, since our station is fairly small, although we can figure out ways to accommodate larger groups. Contact the station management to schedule your tour: or 541-962-3698.


Looking for a way to have fun while volunteering? Occasionally, KEOL has various projects that need volunteers to help accomplish. These tasks can be anything from shelving CDs or vinyl, digitizing, helping clean, decorating, or just anything else that the station needs help with. For more information, email or call 541-962-3698.