Treefort Music Festival – Day Two

Treefort Music Festival – Day Two


Courtney Millsap (Station Manager)

The sun was out, it was warm, and it was an absolutely gorgeous day to be wondering around downtown Boise listening to fantastic music of all genres, and meeting the wonderful musicians that are behind that sound. Speaking of meeting musicians, we had thirteen interviews! That is a ridiculous number, but it worked and that just means we are going to have some amazing interviews for you all when we get back!

I started out the day interviewing The Green Zoo, over coffee at The Crux. Oh boy, was that fun! We talked about how The Green Zoo is more than just a band, it is an arts collective. As of right now, it is a theatre company, as well as couple bands and was birthed out of The College of Idaho. It was such a great interview that it drove me to their show that night where I met Tom’s (the leader singer) mom! She was telling me that just a week before, the collective had staged a play at the same venue, Crazy Horse. How crazy is that!

This is a clip from The Green Zoo’s show!

After my initial interview with Tom, I spent the rest of the afternoon interviewing band after band after band, and there is no way that is a bad thing. It was an absolute blast! The only thing was that I was absolutely drained by the end of it, where all I wanted was my bed, well, corner of floor.

Right now, everything is starting to become such a blur that I have to look at my notes to remember what I even did yesterday. I don’t even remember all the bands I met. However, after consulting my notes, I can safely tell you that I met with the following bands: Hi Ho Silver Oh, Alicia Murphy, Homebody, Marshall Poole, Soft White Sixties, and Slow Bird. Dan and Rocky were also interviewing bands, with them covering: Cotillon, AND AND AND, aka Belle, OHIOAN, and My Goodness. All of these bands will be providing sound bites for in our Treefort Review Show!

It was such a crazy day of interviews, compounded on exhaustion from the previous day, that I was only able to see bits and pieces of bands. I was able to sneak away to The Green Zoo, saw There is No Mountain playing outside The Record Exchange, caught part of Logan Hyde at El Korah Shrine, watched a bit of Slow Bird at the Neurolux, and finally caught the beginning of The Steve Fulton Band at Hannah’s. Even though my music watching was scarce, Dan and Rocky were able to get around and catch a lot of bands that I was not able to.

Both Dan and Rocky will have their own Treefort Review Blogs after the entire festival. As will kid yoshida.

Today, we have another fourteen bands scheduled for interviews, and just like yesterday, I am sure things will change and we will add or subtract some, but no matter what, we will be there to cover it and bring back some great interviews for you all!

Here is a video from our Instagram of The Steve Fulton Band!

Happening at Hannah's! Steve Fulton Band! #livemusic #boise #treefort2015

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Stay tuned to our social media and blog for Treefort updates throughout the weekend!