Treefort Music Festival – Day One

Treefort Music Festival – Day One


Courtney Millsap (Station Manager)

Eventually, I will have that blog post up on Chaos, because that is what this entire past term has been. However, right now, I am in Treefort mode! I just finished our second interview of the festival, and am taking a well deserved break to recap all of the excitement that was yesterday! Did I mention that I am sitting in The Crux, listening to Radio Boise drinking a latte? Could I be any more Boise?

We arrived to Boise around 4 PM local time, and headed straight into The Record Exchange, to meet up with kid yoshida, and to kill time until we were able to check-in for our press passes. As we were sitting there, we ran into Andy Steele, local La Grandian, drummer extraordinaire, and the drummer to Catskills (they are playing Sunday). Immediately, it felt like La Grande had just been transplanted into a big city!

After checking in, we headed to where we were staying, geared up and I was on my bike racing across downtown Boise towards The Cathedral of the Rockies to catch Tom Brosseau. There are no words to describe how perfect that venue is, nor how perfect it was for his voice. I only wish I could have stayed to see Josh Ritter there, but there were other bands to see!

Tom Brosseau performing at The Cathedral of the Rockies

I headed out the door to find a line of about 20 people waiting to get in, this was my first experience with a line at Treefort, but not my last. Eventually “Treefort Lines” said the lines at The Cathedral of the Rockies was “The Entire Population of Boise.”

I caught the tail end of the Record Exchange’s in-store performance of Buxton, and then ran over to catch Juan Fangio at El Korah Shrine. I grabbed some food and jumped on over to The Bouquet for Cassie Lewis and The Foxxtones. Mind you, all of this happened within an hour and a half. Everything I saw up to this point was fantastic, but nothing that blew my mind, it was all pretty low key, the same goes for the crowds.

At this point, I just was waiting for our interview with Geographer’s Mike Deni. About 9:30, Dan and I caught up with him and had a fantastic interview! We talked about everything from his perfect treefort, to the existential meanings of his lyrics, and everything in between. We will have clips of the interview in our Treefort Review Show! In the mean time, here is the picture of Dan with Mike.

Dan and Mike Deni behind the Neurolux at Treefort Music Fest

Immediately after the interview, I got in line, to wait thirty minutes, since the venue was at capacity, to see Wild Ones and Geographer. Well, I got in while Wild Ones was playing, but I wouldn’t say I actually saw them. I heard them is more accurate. At that moment, I had zero hope of seeing Geographer actually perform, but I waited. Oh boy, that patience was well deserved! There was a mass exodus after Wild Ones and I made it to the very front for Geographer!

Mike Deni, of Geographer, performs during Treefort Music Fest

That Geographer show blew my mind! I can already tell it will be one of my highlights for this festival. Dan and I are already planning on going and seeing them again on May 6th at the Doug Fir in Portland. It was one performance that I would see over and over and over again. There was looping, an electric cello, keys, and pretty much everything. They even dropped the base at one point. It was absolutely fantastic!

I headed out of Geographer and opted to go to the less crowded Linen Building, instead of facing the guaranteed crowds at The Bouquet for Hurray for the Riff Raff. We will have to turn to Cara for a review of their show since she saw them in Portland last weekend. At the Linen Building I caught up with Rocky and Dan and checked out Seattle’s Craft Spells before heading out for the night.

Tonight is even more jammed packed. They are adding more venues, and we are scheduled for around 10 interviews. Thus far, Treefort is chaotic, but amazing. However, I think I need to master the art of sleeping while standing.

If you are wanting to experience Treefort, you can still get passes at the Owyhee or at The Record Exchange. Or, if you can’t make it to Boise, be sure to follow us on Twitter or Instagram (@KEOLLaGrande).

Stay tuned to our social media and blog for Treefort updates throughout the weekend!