Live Music: Four Different Types of People

Live Music: Four Different Types of People


Courtney Millsap (Station Manager)

There are four different types of people when it comes to live music performances, and there are pretty much no gray areas. It is something that I realized while eating dinner in the press room at Treefort. Well, it is more that I acknowledged the fact of what group I truly belong to.

The first group is one that I could never imagine myself being a part of. It is also very difficult for me to understand why anyone would be a part of it. This group absolutely despise going to live music events. It doesn’t mean that they hate music, just that they do not find enjoyment in any form of live music shows.

Second, there is the group that loves and thrives off of the small, intimate shows. These could be heavy rock and roll shows with a low turn out, or shows that are calm and quiet in an intimate venue. It would also include house shows, or random pop-up shows along the street, or really anything where they feel a connection to the music and the environment. It produces the feeling that you are the only person in a room and that the band is playing for you.

Coming in third, are the people that enjoy and will only attend arena level shows. Or shows that are packed. Or festivals. They are not into the smaller venues, or lesser known artists, it is more the popularity. It is the ability to say, “I was there.” These people may also be into the music, but they tend to shy away from the no-name-band that has the gas tank in the red.

Finally, there is group four: The people who appreciate all music. They go to the low key venues and support the struggling bands, but they also enjoy the large venues and packed house because music is music. Anywhere they go that has music feels like home for them. They will spend hours and hours listening to music and will spend entire paychecks on shows and merchandise. They always tip artists and they lend out a floor and they go above and beyond for the love of music.

Personally, I have realized that I am in the second group. Festivals are too much for me. Too many people. Too many things. They don’t give me a chance to recharge. I love meeting the artists and discovering new music, but the chaos is too much. I would rather go to one intimate show a night, for thirty days, then jamming thirty bands in over the course of a couple days.

Festivals are draining. But that is not the complete problem, I want to also have a connection with the music and the artist. There are festivals and occasions in festivals where this does happen. Treefort is one of them; however, everything is so spread out that it is draining trying to get from one point to another. The artists are amazing, the music is amazing, but it is too much. There are too many people. It is just chaos.

(Eventually, I will get that blog on Chaos up… But, things are too chaotic.)