These are Frequently Asked Questions that the Help Desk receives on a regular basis. They are sorted by category for easy navigation.



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1. What is Mountie Pass?

  • Mountie Pass is your single username and password to sign into many EOU services. E-mail, Webster, Canvas, and more!

2. Who has Mountie Pass?

  • If you have been accepted for admission as a degree seeking student or approved as a non-degree seeking, non-admitted student at Eastern Oregon University, or are an active staff or faculty member, you are automatically assigned a Mountie Pass account. Also, all alumni and EOU retirees have Mountie Pass accounts for life. New students, staff & faculty should receive this information via your personal email account on file with EOU.



1. My Plantronics wireless headset is having issues. How can I get assistance with this issue?

3. I am trying to dial a local off campus number, how do I do this?

  •  Simply dial the area code and the number. Any number called within the continental United States will work. Any others (Hawaii, Alaska or International) requires the assistance of the EOU IT Help Desk (

4. How do I locate EOU Staff & Faculty for a phone number or a e-mail address?


1. My computer in my office on campus is not picking up an internet connection. What should I do?

  •  First, please try restarting your computer. If this does not work, Call the IT Help Desk at 2-3111 and we will work on the issue.

2. The internet in my dorm room is not working, what do I do?

  •  First, please try restarting your computer. Then try disconnecting the cable from the wall jack. Also try both jacks. In most cases the data jack is the higher or even numbered jack in your room. If you’re still experiencing connection issues, please contact the IT Help Desk at 2-3111 or email:

3. I cannot connect to the EOU wireless, what should I do?

  •  First, check to see if you can get a signal. Currently the wireless coverage doesn’t cover the entire EOU campus. If you can see the signal, try connecting to it. It currently doesn’t require a username or password so you should be able to connect to it. If you’re still having problems, schedule a appointment for them to come to Ackerman 209 with their laptop (Staff & Faculty only – student, please refer to the PC Repair Program) and complete a ticket for a tech to assist them.

4. I am experiencing some lag issues with the internet when I try to use my Xbox. Is there a problem with the connection?

  •  There can be issues from time to time based on the amount of traffic the Dorm Network gets daily. If you do come across this issue again, please recording some information to help us nail down the specific issue. Please note the following:
  • The time (please be as exact as possible)
  • The specific site (or sites) that you’re trying to access, noting the page load time.
  • If you don’t mind sharing the URL, please note that. (for instance, the Youtube  video link, etc)
  • Try accessing and and note how fast they load.
  • Try going to and click “begin test”. when the test is finished, click “copy direct link” and paste it into your response below.


1. Is there a free version of Microsoft Office software available for students to put on their computers?

  • We do not offer a free version at this time.
  • An alternative would be to download Open Office for free at: You can save the documents as a .doc file and they can be opened with Microsoft Word.
  • You also have access to Google Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentation free through your EOU email account. All three work like Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint and can download as Microsoft files to be opened in Office.

2. Read out loud is not working on my computer, how can I get it to work?

3. The evergreen staff client is not working, who do I contact about this?

  •  Please contact David Drexler at 962-3017 for all issues regarding Evergreen.

4. I heard EOU IT sells software to students at a discount, is this true?

  •  IT does not sell software to students on campus. If you need to purchase software at a discount, please go to You will receive an education discount on some software at this website.

5. Do you provide any software training for the programs I have installed on my computer?

  • Once in a while, the IT department will offer free in-class training on certain software. However, due to our small staff, we aren’t able to offer classes all of the time but we do provide online training that you can access at anytime by clicking this link.

Printer Issues

1. The printer in my office has a major error and is not working. How can I get it to work?

  •  Any network printer hardware issues are referred to a local printer service company. Please contact IT at 2-3111 or email: and we can contact them to fix the issue.

2. Does EOU have copy services available?

  • Yes it does and it’s located in the EOU Bookstore in the first floor of Hoke Hall. You can get more information from their website by clicking here or by phone: (541) 962-3035. They also offer delivery on-campus during the school year to most buildings on campus.


1. There has been a credit card transaction issue at the Loso box office. Who do I need to contact about these issues?

  •  Contact Student Accounts at 962-3306 or for Credit Card transaction issues.

2. I would like to set up e-disbursement, how do I do this?

3. I need to schedule a room for a conference, who do I contact to do this?

  •  Please contact the EOU Events Coordinator at 962-3575 or to schedule a room. You can also view the available rooms at:

4. How do I locate EOU Staff & Faculty for a phone number or a e-mail address?

5. Are MAC computers vulnerable to a certain virus through Adobe flash player or other Java updates?

  • Yes, there are viruses out there and it is possible that you could get it if you don’t stay cautious when using the internet. If you stick to ‘known’ web pages, don’t open strange or un-requested email attachments, and run system updates as soon as they are available, you will be safe.

6. Where can I purchase tickets for EOU theater events on campus?

  • To purchase tickets online, please visit: and select the night you’d like to see it, select any available seats, purchase your tickets and print them out yourself.Or you can contact the EOU Box Office to purchase them at 541-962-3757

7. Can students create their own website at EOU?

  • Students can create their own web pages using Google Sites from their accounts. We have a training page set-up and it’s located at:

8.  Is there a way to give a person editing privileges for just one page within a WordPress site?

  • WordPress doesn’t work like Contribute where you can lock people down to certain pages. If you give them rights to your particular site, they get rights to your entire site, not just specific pages.



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For more information, contact the EOU IT Help Desk at (541) 962-3111 or submit a Technology Ticket.


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