How to Record Google Hangouts:

Recently, Google removed the function of recording your Hangout meetings. The feature was moved to youtube. Below are the steps required to record a Hangout.

Step 1

Log into Google

Step 2

Go onto Youtube, click onto your picture logo on the right side of the page and click “Creator Studio”

Step 3

Click on “Live Streaming” on the left side menu

Step 4

Click “events” (under live streaming) and click to create a new event (on right side of page)

Step 5

From there just follow and fill out the sections, make sure you click “Quick:google on air” on the type. Also if you want it Private make sure to pick that one as well. (see below)

Step 6

Create the event and then “Go live now.” This should still be an option if you made the event beforehand.

Step 7

After you have started streaming wait for it to fully load and then click “start broadcasting.” From there invite the people you need. This is also an option when creating the event before broadcasting when you choose to go private (however that didn’t work last time).

Step 8

When you are done, click “stop broadcasting.” It should bring you back to the earlier page. From there just go to Video Manager from the menu, you can copy the link, edit and rewatch the video.


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