Ackerman 104

Ackerman 104

EOU Smart Classroom Software


  • The equipment located in ACK103 is as follows:
  • 57 inch LG HDTV
  • Dell 620 computer (IT equipment not AV)
  • JVC DVD/VHS combo player
  • Gyro wireless keyboard and mouse
  • 25 foot VGA and Ethernet cable for laptop connection
  • Buhl brand overhead projector (EYB Bulb)
  • 6 foot screen (mounted front of the room)
  • Smart Classroom Keyboard

    How to log into the computer

    To log into the Smart Classroom PC:

    • Click “Other User”
    • Enter your Mountie-Pass credentials (email username and password)
    • Guests of EOU can log onto the PC by typing: .\eouuser – no password is required

Key access to AV cabinet

To access this cabinet users will need a 915 key which can only be checked out from the AV department, not plant. Upon leaving EOU anybody who has a key checked out to them must return the key or face a $15 charge per key checked out.

Cheat Sheet for LG 57″ HDTV systems

  • To turn on TV hit power button on the LG brand remote

To view a VHS Tape

  • Insert tape into the VHS side of the VHS/DVD combo unit
  • Select VCR on the VHS/DVD remote (depending on the tape inserted it may automatically switch to VCR)
  • Press the INPUT button on the LG TV remote
  • From the INPUT LIST select AV1

To view a DVD disc

  • Insert disc into the DVD side of the VHS/DVD combo unit
  • Select DVD on the VHS/DVD remote (depending on the tape inserted it may automatically switch to DVD)
  • Press the INPUT button on LG TV remote
  • From the INPUT list select Component1
  • To view computer display
  • Press INPUT button on the LG TV remote
  • From the INPUT list select HDMI1

To view a notebook device

  • Attach RGB cable from the opposite door of the cabinet (approximately 20 feet of cable)
  • Press INPUT button on LG TV remote
  • Select RGB/PC from list (until connected this option will be grayed out)
  • This system does not support audio
  • Notebook user should be familiar with own display functions for each notebook


  • The TV remotes are very directional – point them directly at the TV
  • Please turn off TV after use
  • The Gyro Mouse must stay in the charging bay when not in use

Batteries die…computers lock up…things happen…be prepared with a back up plan

Please keep the volume at reasonable levels respect your neighbours

(and don’t blow the speakers)

Typical issues in ACK104


  • PC – No Signal – Since the laptop is connected to the “PC” Input and the computer in the cabinet is connected to the “DVI” input a lot of users get confused when they see this message. All it means is that the last user plugged a laptop into the TV and did not switch the TV input back to DVI, the next user sees “PC” and assumes there is a computer issue. To fix tell them to hit “TV/Video button” and switch input to “DVI”
  • DVI – No Signal – Since a lot of the computers go into power saving mode after 10-20mins and powers down the screen after that mode kicks in, tell them to hit a key on the keyboard or click the mouse. Also the computer could be off or the computer could be broken.
  • Remote not working – The Samsung remotes have the ability to connect multiple Samsung devices to it, however we don’t do that, there is a “mode” button on the side of the remote that toggles the remote for different devices, the mode the remote must be on is TV, any other mode and the remote is rendered useless. Users get this button confused with an input button, assuming “if I switch it to DVD then the TV with switch to DVD”. Other problems would be batteries.
  • No sound – This isn’t too common but sometimes a user has muted the computer, then forgot to un-mute it. The next user does not realise this and cranks the sound up, before fixing any sound issue make sure the sound is down towards 20, you don’t want to blow speakers if it is simply on mute. Other issues is that the sound cable is unplugged, or in the wrong jack. If all else fails it could be a sound card issue or blown speakers, best way to test is to bring a DVD and run it in the DVD/VHS player, if there is sound you rule out a speaker issue.
  • Can’t find mouse/keyboard/Remote – Since users sometimes close the doors and forget about putting equipment away, sometimes it is much easier for themselves to simply place the forgotten equipment behind the TV, rather than open the cabinet and put them back the correct way. Other places are in the other side of the cabinet (the door without the lock), or the equipment has been stolen (very rare).
  • Where do I plug my laptop in? – Open up the cabinet door that does not have a lock on it (latch is behind the door), the 25 foot VGA cable is at the top right. The input on the TV is “PC”.



  •  Triple A (AAA)
  • Samsung TV remote
  • Gyration Wireless Keyboard
  • JVC VCR/DVD remote
  •  Double A (AA)
  • No AA batteries in this room


 Overhead Projector

Overhead Projector is a Buhl brand projector and takes an EYB bulb


To replace bulb:

  •  Unplug power cord
  • Release projector lid by pushing in both tabs located on either side of he projector
  • Carefully lift the lid off
  • Find damaged bulb and replace with new bulb
  • Put the lid back on
  • Plug power cord in and test new bulb


For more information, contact the EOU IT Help Desk at (541) 962-3111 or submit a Technology Ticket..

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