Major Requirements

Integrative Studies Major Requirements:

The Integrative Studies Core: 

IS 301:  Introduction to Integrative Studies (3 credits)

IS 301 introduces you to the requirements of the IS Capstone, including a rationale for combining two or more fields of study and integrating them with career goals and extra- or co-curricular experiences.

Choice of Research Methods Course (2-5 credits) 

Choices include: a discipline-specific methods course,  LIB 307 (2 crs.),  or LIB 327 (2 crs.).

Work with your Adviser to pick the course best suited for your college and career plans.  LIB 307 is best suited for the IS Capstone with an integrative emphasis, while LIB 327 is best suited for a traditional, research-based capstone, especially important for those interested in certain graduate programs—a traditional research paper may be incorporated into the IS Capstone.  Students taking LIB 327 must have a specific research topic in mind before taking the course.

IS 401:  Integrative Studies Capstone (3 credits)

Through this course, you will complete your Capstone portfolio, synthesizing your intellectual and applied interests and providing evidence of accomplishment.

Program Options – Choose one:

Two academic minors at EOU (ISTM):  

This major will consist of picking two minors from any discipline offered at Eastern Oregon University as well as completing the 3 part capstone.

One minor at EOU and one minor from another regionally accredited university (ISEO):  

This major will consist of picking one minor from any discipline offered at Eastern Oregon University, picking another minor from any other discipline offered at another regionally accredited university, as well as completing the 3 part capstone.

To verify the minor is complete the Register’s Office will need:

  1. A curriculum check sheet of the minor from the other institution
  2. A letter from the institutions Registrar’s office stating minor is completed
  3. An official transcript from the other Institution/s where course work is located for verification.

The petition for this plan can be found here.

An individualized plan (ISIP):

This majorcombines one EOU academic minor and a subject area of selected courses from other disciplines to form a coherent plan of study that is comparable to a minor, as well as completing the 3 part capstone.

This plan is approved only after the submission of a proposal and course outline, which must be approved by the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Science Dean. ​At a minimum the student will need these requirements to have the dean look at their proposal:

  1. 30 credits overall
  2. 15 credits of upper division
  3. 10 credits of residency
  4. 1 minor declared
  5. Course outline
  6. Proposal

The petition for this plan can be found here.

Find additional institutional requirements on the program Checksheet.


Capstone Portfolio

Students in IS 401 will complete a comprehensive ePortfolio designed for both academic and career audiences. The ePortfolio documents integrative learning and offers a means to publicly display educational, personal, and workplace accomplishments in an online format. Students are instructed on designing and creating an ePortfolio using a selection of web-based tools.

Click to view a sample ePortfolio.



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