Capstone Process 


The Liberal Studies (LS) Capstone Project integrates academic work from the chosen disciplines of a Liberal Studies degree.  This final project should incorporate your career interests.  The LS project provides an opportunity for you to contemplate the value and meaning of your undergraduate experience. LS students enroll in the appropriate capstone course:

  • LS 401-Arts & Science.
  • LS 402-Business.
  • LS 403-Education.
  • The only exception would be those enrolled in Early Childhood Education which has its own capstone course.

Your capstone project should be developed through consultation with your approved disciplinary capstone instructor. The project may involve research leading to a written paper, artistic product, internship, or other approved activity.


 Please follow one of the two processes:

A1. To assist you in creating your capstone proposal, a prerequisite course is being added to most disciplines (See “Capstone Pre-reqs”).  Your capstone instructor will help you register for this course.

During this prerequisite course your capstone instructor will assist you in selecting a research question/topic that you will address in your capstone project.  This research question should integrate both of your minor areas of study. You will develop a thesis statement and outline followed by beginning a preliminary bibliography or reference list.


A2. If a prerequisite course is not listed for the discipline in which you wish to enroll:

  • Formulate an idea for your project based on what you have learned. Include a topic statement describing the focus of your capstone, why you selected this topic, a concise outline of capstone, and an annotated bibliography. Your capstone MUST include both of your minors/subject fields.
  • Contact the Faculty Discipline Chair in the discipline in which you would like to enroll. Share your proposal and ask that he/she assign you to an appropriate capstone instructor. Please avoid calling and simply saying, “I have to do a capstone, what do I do?”  It is up to you to look over your past work in your minors and develop a plan prior to making this contact.
  • Once assigned, work out details such as the appropriate format (APA,MLS, AMA, etc.) length of paper, no. of drafts and  due date with  your capstone instructor..

B) At least two-three terms before enrolling in your capstone contact your Faculty Discipline Chair in the area in which you wish to complete your capstone.  You will be arranging for a capstone instructor. When contacting this individual, introduce yourself, your minors and how you would integrate them into your capstone, a possible topic, your expected graduation date, faculty that you have worked with in that discipline, plus any other information that assists the Discipline Chair in deciding which faculty member would be the best fit for you.

C)   If data will be collected from human subjects (i.e. interviewing, case studies, focus groups, surveys, etc. and used in your capstone), Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval must be sought prior to enrolling in the LS capstone course.  Fill out and submit the appropriate paperwork located at .

D) Your capstone instructor will review, approve, and register you for your four credit LS capstone. You MUST register by the Friday BEFORE the new term begins.  Late registrations will not be accepted. Once registered, you will receive an e-mail confirmation from the Registrar’s Office.

E) During the term in which you are registered for your capstone, you must complete the project incorporating a literature review, collection of data, etc.  Identify a final submission date with your capstone instructor.  Best wishes for a most successful capstone experience!!