Mission & Core Themes

Eastern Oregon University Mission

EOU guides student inquiry through integrated, high-quality liberal arts and professional programs that lead to responsible and reflective action in a diverse and interconnected world.

As an educational, cultural and scholarly center, EOU connects the rural regions of Oregon to a wider world. Our beautiful setting and small size enhance the personal attention our students receive, while partnerships with colleges, universities, agencies and communities add to the educational possibilities of our region and state.

Adopted 2004 EOU University Assembly, Reaffirmed 2007; Approved 2008 and 2012 Oregon State Board of Higher Education; Reaffirmed 2014; Adopted 2016 by Eastern Oregon University Board of Trustees; Approved 2018 Higher Education Coordinating Commission

Core Themes

High-quality programs

EOU has high quality liberal arts and professional programs that prepare students for the world beyond college.

Objective 1: Academic programs ensure student learning

Objective 2: Effective teaching practices continually enhance academic quality

Objective 3: Students engage in applied learning experiences that align with lifelong success

Access for all

EOU is a regional University with a deep sense of commitment to students where they are.

Objective 1: Student success is maximized through retention, completion and post-graduation outcomes

Objective 2: Programs and processes promote student access

Live, learn, succeed

EOU is the educational, cultural and economic engine of eastern Oregon.

Objective 1: Academic programs reflect regional needs

Objective 2: Ongoing engagement enriches our communities

Objective 3: Systems and processes ensure a sustainable university environment

updated 10.22.17