Academic Program Assessment


Academic assessment has assumed a significant and important role within the higher education community. All stakeholders engaged in the educational mission of institutions of higher education – students, faculty, and staff – share responsibility for pursuing learning improvements that can be gleaned from meaningful systematic assessment of student learning. Academic assessment is best conducted in a collaborative climate, fostering partnerships between academic and student affairs personnel, external organizations and stakeholders. Academic assessment has the ability to inform future policy decisions, nurture faculty development, enhance accountability, and improve student learning.


College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences 2015-16
Capstone I Review
Capstone II Review
Critical Thinking
Anthropology/Sociology ANTH/SOC.Capstone I ANTH/SOC.Capstone II ANTH 312
SOC 454
Art ART.Capstone I ART.Capstone II ART 384
Communication Studies COM.Capstone I COM.Capstone II
English/Writing ENGL/WR.Capstone I ENGL/WRCapstone II ENGL 316 (online)
ENGL 436
History HIST.Capstone I HIST.Capstone II HIST 383 (online)
HIST 427
Integrative Studies IS.Capstone I IS.Capstone II
Music MUS.Capstone I MUS.Capstone II
Politics and Economics POLS.Capstone I POLS.Capstone II POLS 350 (online)
POLS 450 (online)
Theatre THEA.Capstone I THEA.Capstone II THEA 369 (online)
THEA 475
College of STM & Health Sciences 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
Biology BIOL.Capstone I BIO.Capstone II BIOL 323
Chemistry/Biochemistry CHEM/BIOCM.Capstone I CHEM/BIOCM.Capstone II CHEM 338
CHEM 401
Computer Science CS.Capstone I CS.Capstone II CS 328
CS 409 (online)
Mathematics MATH.Capstone I MATH.Capstone II
Physical Activity & Health PAH.Capstone I PAH.Capstone II
Psychology PSY.Capstone I PSY.Capstone II PSY 343
PSY 442
College of Business 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
Business BADM.Capstone I BUSAD.Review II BA 321 (online)
BA 411
EMSA EMSA.Capstone I Program Under Review
FSA Program Under Review Program Under Review
Economics ECON.Capstone I ECON.Capstone II
College of Education 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
Education EDUC.Review I EDUC.Capstone II
 Composite Reports 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
Capstone I
Composite Report
Capstone II
Composite Report
Critical Thinking
Composite Report