Liberal Studies Capstone in History

Liberal Studies Capstone in History

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Students completing a Liberal Studies degree who have a minor in History may elect to write a Liberal Studies capstone with a History focus.  Before beginning, be sure you are familiar with the steps for completing a Liberal Studies degree.


After determining that you want to complete a Liberal Studies capstone in History, your first job is to narrow down potential topics. When you approach a faculty member about working together, please have this topic and a bibliography ready to discuss.


Basic requirements for the Liberal Studies capstone in History are as follows:

1. Students are required to contact department faculty 2-3 terms prior to their LS Capstone term.

2. Students are advised to take HIST 203: Historical Methods prior to completing their LS Capstone.  HIST 203 is a Gen-Ed (AEH) and UWR course.

3. Students must produce a paper of at least 25 pages, double spaced, 1″ margins, not including bibliography or title page.

4. Paper must draw directly on at least 4 primary sources and 10 secondary sources.

5. Paper must integrate the other LS minor.

6. Citations and bibliography must conform to The Chicago Manual of Style.

7. A completed, thorough and edited draft must be handed in to the faculty adviser by week 6 of the quarter in which a student is enrolled.

8. A final draft must be completed by the last teaching day of the term in which the student is enrolled.




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