What do we do with Health at Head Start?

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Healthy Children = Success in Learning


Part of the Head Start mission is to ensure that while at Head Start, families are supported in getting their health needs taken care of, kids are up to date on all their exams and immunizations, and eating and growing well.




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Oregon State Law requires that each child must have at least one dose of each required immunization before they enter the classroom.  If your child does not have one dose of each, we ask that you get those from your Healthcare provider, or through the Public Health Department.

Well Child Exams

Each Head Start student needs to complete an annual well child exam. The Well-Child exam includes a head-to-toe assessment of your child’s health status and is to be completed by your Medical Home Provider. A sick visit to your doctor cannot count toward meeting this requirement.

Developmental Screenings

All children will receive a full developmental and sensory screening. This screening includes: communication, personal-social, gross motor, fine motor, problem solving, and social/emotional health.


Dental Screenings

Hearing and Vision Screenings

Each Head Start student needs to complete an annual dental exam and/or screening. Dental screenings will be offered in the Head Start center. At these screenings, a recommendation may be made that your child see his/her Dental Home Provider. If your child has not been seen at a Dental Home in the past year, an exam will need to be completed as soon as possible after screening.
These screenings are completed at school. Parents are contacted prior to this screening so that they can participate in the process and will be notified if any concerns are identified.

Nutrition and Growth Assessments


At enrollment, you will be asked if your child is currently enrolled in the Women, Infants, and Children Program (WIC). If they are, Head Start will request records from them. If they are not, Head Start will conduct growth and nutrition assessments on all students who are not enrolled in WIC. Parents will be notified if any concerns are identified.

Head Start has limited funds to assist families with Dental and Well Child Exams if private health insurance is not available and your child does not qualify for Oregon Health Plan (OHP).
If you have any questions about these Health Services, or eligibility for the Oregon Health Plan, please feel free to call our Health and Nutrition Manager at 541-962-3798.