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GEOG 105 Cultural Geography
Credits: 5.00
Gen Ed Core-Social Sciences [SSC]
This course is a survey of themes, questions, and issues studied by cultural geographers. It introduces the student to the concept of culture in spatial terms and defines theories of culture emergence, how culture diffuses and the relationship of humans and their impact on the environment. Topics considered within the course include environmentalism, the evolution of culture, population, migration, communications, economic and urban landscapes, gender, religion, agriculture, and contemporary social culture.

GEOG 106 Physical Geography
Credits: 5.00
Gen Ed Core-Natural, Math & Info Sciences [SMI]
An introduction to physical geography and its approach to the analysis and understanding of the physical environment. The course covers the atmosphere: weather and climate; the lithosphere: geomorphology, landforms and soils; and the hydrosphere: oceans and oceanic coastal forms. Tectonics and the basic geodesy of the earth is covered. Examples of environmental issues and how geography treats these questions and problems are emphasized in the course.


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