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Grande Ronde Valley fault lineGeography is the study of the human use of the earth and of the physical and cultural processes which form landscapes. Geography at EOU leads the student to an understanding of human/environmental relations at global, national, regional and local levels, while providing important academic understanding and practical skills that can lead to careers in such fields as urban and regional planning, environmental management, primary and secondary education, cartography and map reproduction, geographic data systems, tourism and economic development, and international business.


To investigate, analyze, and organize information regarding the interaction of humans with their environments and to consider this dynamic relationship in spatial terms.  To consider the physical and human characteristics of places and regions from a theoretical, practical, and perceptual perspective.  To examine the natural physical processes at work within the Earth’s atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, and biosphere.  To prepare students to be able to read, interpret, and communicate with maps and new mapping technologies such as Geographic Information Systems.

To provide students with background that supports concepts considered in other courses such as geology, history, agriculture, anthropology, sociology, economics, art and music, writing, and other social and physical sciences.  To provide academic preparation for education students preparing to teach in the K-12 curriculum.  To prepare students to utilize tools of geographic inquiry such as graphs, statistical models and instruments, aerial and satellite imagery, field sampling methods, and research from journals and other sources.



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