Planned Giving

Planned gifts, such as bequests, trusts or life insurance policies, allow donors to establish a legacy and provide future revenue to support EOU.

Donors who make planned gifts are invited to join the EOU Foundation Legacy Society.

“Leaving a planned gift is a great way for me to thank the college and to help out other students who want to be teachers.” 

– Jenni White, EOU donor

Benefits of Membership in the Legacy Society

  • Acknowledgement letter and recognition in annual report
  • Invitations to various EOU events and other benefits
  • Invitation to annual President’s Circle reception

Types of Planned Gifts


Leaving a portion of your estate, through your will or trust, is the simplest way to make a planned gift to the EOU Foundation. The Advancement office staff will work with you to document your wishes and make sure that your legacy is preserved at EOU. If you have already listed EOU in your will or trust, please let us know so we can document your wishes and thank you for your gift! 

Life Estates

A life estate agreement involves a transfer of an interest in a personal residence, vacation home or farm by deed to the EOU Foundation during a donor’s lifetime, generating an immediate income tax deduction. The donor uses the property for life and, unless specific terms are agreed upon, the donor remains responsible for the upkeep and maintenance costs, property taxes and insurance associated with the property. Upon the donor’s death, the Foundation takes full ownership of the property. Each life estate agreement is unique, so call us for more information.

Life Insurance

Gifts of life insurance policies often allow donors to give much more than they might have been able to give in cash. There are three primary ways to give a life insurance policy to the EOU Foundation:

  • Transfer ownership of an existing policy to the Foundation.
  • Purchase of a new policy with the Foundation as an applicant, owner and irrevocable beneficiary. Under this scenario the donor gives cash to the Foundation, which in turn makes the premium payments to the insurance company. The donor pledges to make regular gifts to cover the premium payments which are tax deductible.
  • Designate the Foundation as a beneficiary of a policy. In this case, the donor retains ownership of the policy.


Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTs) allow you to give a substantial gift, earn income and gain significant tax benefits. A CRT is established with a gift(s) from a donor which is then placed in trust by the EOU Foundation and invested. The donor or other beneficiary then receives payments, either fixed or based on investment earnings, for life or a term of years. Afterward, the remaining assets are used by the Foundation to support EOU according to the donor’s wishes. CRTs are often used to establish new endowments in the donor’s name. Cash, stocks or appreciated real estate are excellent funding sources and each CRT is unique, so call us for more information!

For additional information please e-mail or call 541-962-3740.