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Federal Work Study

The Federal Work Study program is one of three federal campus based aid programs. For the student, it is a part time job in which the student receives a paycheck after working their hours. The funding for the position is provided by the federal government and not Eastern Oregon University however.  Students who receive work study awards usually find jobs on campus; however, EOU has several off campus work study contracts available. We can also look into setting up a new contract if you find another position you would like to have.


You will want to complete the following in order to start your position with a work study -


1. Check your  Financial Aid package to verify you have Work Study – Your EFC from the FAFSA needs to be below $2000 in order to qualify for Work Study. If you are not initially awarded, we may be able to add you to the wait list. We try to award the wait list multiple times during the year, but we do not make any guarantees to award the entire list. Funding for Work Study is limited. Make sure to complete all Financial Aid requirements including Verification prior to starting your position. You also need to remain in Good Academic Standing in order to use your Federal Work Study.

2. Use your Mountie Credentials to login and activate your Handshake account at - Students will be prompted to initiate “Single Sign-On” and verify their email address.

3. Search for Jobs – Please be sure to carefully read through all descriptions for job positions to verify that Federal Work Study is Required. Some positions may not require Work Study.

4. Prep for your interview - Since this is a part time job, you want to to treat it as such. Dress appropriately for the interview (no shorts, flip-flops, tank tops, etc.) You should dress professional for the interview.

5. Contact Payroll once you are employed – They will help you get set up in the payroll system so you can start getting paid for your work.