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Summer Term Financial Aid

At EOU, each financial aid processing year begins with the Summer term (our “header”).  While Summer term is the first term of the academic year, we make initial financing offers for Fall, Winter, and Spring terms with an expectation of full time attendance (12 credit hours per quarter for undergraduates and 9 credit hours per quarter for graduates).  We make initial offers for Fall, Winter, and Spring terms because we can easily program our computer system to automatically award a large group of students using this three term, full time model.

Summer Financial Aid Request Form

Students who want financial aid for Summer term should go to our Financial Aid Forms and Publications page and fill out a Summer Aid Request form.  After we receive your form, we will process your request for financial aid by adding Summer term to your financial aid offer.  Once your Summer Aid Request form has been processed, we will send an email to your EOU email account that your “award” has changed.  After you receive our email notification, login to Webster to accept your offer.  Please DO NOT accept aid until the Summer form has been processed.  If you accept your Fall, Winter, Spring offers and then request Summer aid, it will take us longer to process your Summer aid request.  Students who attend four terms have the option of having their loan offers spread over the four terms.  Students who are eligible to receive the Pell Grant will typically have an additional disbursement of the Pell Grant scheduled Summer term.  Some types of financial aid may not be offered during Summer term.

Important Notes about Summer Term

To receive financial aid, students must be admitted to EOU.  Non-admitted students can register for more than 8 credit hours summer term (this is different than the policy for Fall, Winter, and Spring terms).  Even though non-admitted students can register for more credit hours Summer term, this exception does not negate the admissions requirement for financial aid.

Oregon Opportunity Grant, EOU Foundation scholarships, and most Tuition Remission scholarships do not pay out over Summer term.

If you have Federal Work Study, you can use it during Summer term, even if you are not registered for Summer term, as long as you are registered for and intend to go to school Fall term.

Students who have been academically suspended at the end of spring term are able to maintain their summer term enrollment.  Financial aid will not be disbursed to any student who is academically suspended.  Students must petition with the Academic Standards Committee to be reinstated to EOU and, subsequently, receive financial aid. See the Registrar’s Office’s Academic Standards webpage for information about academic standards at EOU.

Accepting Your Financial Aid On Webster

Once we process students Summer financial aid requests, students can accept their awards on Webster.  See the instructions for Webster on the Webster Basics webpage.

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