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You may be eligible to apply if you intend to enroll at Eastern Oregon University; and are a first-time college student or community college graduate who is an immigrant.

Eligibility for the National Scholarship:

☐ Apply for admission and gain admission to Eastern Oregon University and be eligible for “Oregon Resident rate” tuition.
☐ Be a first-time college student or community college graduate
☐ Be an Undocumented student

Apply for the National Scholarship

Application Opens November 1, 2018

Campus Contacts

Representatives are available to assist students interested in applying and to offer information to high school and college advisors. Additionally visit our United Undocumented Students Club website to connect with EOU’s community.

Primary Relationship Manager
Bennie Moses-Mesubed
T. 541-962-3094
Financial Aid Advisor
Sandy Henry
T. 541-962-3185
Scholar Advisor
Mandy Johnson
T. 541 962-3060
Admissions Liaison
Gina Galaviz-Yap
T. 541-962-3496

Media inquiries and information can be directed to Tim Seydel, University Advancement at 541-962-3740.