Parent Loans

Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduates (PLUS)

PLUS loans are loans made to parents for undergraduate students’ college related expenses.  Parents can borrow the difference between a student’s cost of education and the student’s other financial aid.

EOU offers PLUS loans to eligible students as part of their financial aid award notification.  Parents who want to borrow in the PLUS loan program need to fill out and return a PLUS Loan Certification Request Form. 

EOU participates in the Federal Direct Loan PLUS program.  Parents who are planning to borrow for their students will need to complete a Federal Direct Loan PLUS loan Master Promissory Note (MPN).  To complete the PLUS Loan MPN  go to: Parents also need to complete a Parent Loan Acceptance Form (see the Forms & Publications button on the right of this page).

Plus Loan Refunds

Title IV of The Higher Education Act (as amended) requires that any excess PLUS Loan funds be sent to the parent borrower. Once the Student Accounts Office determines that a PLUS loan disbursement has created a credit balance, the PLUS loan refund will be mailed to the parent borrower’s address within 10 days of the disbursement date. To request funds be mailed earlier, parents or students may contact the Student Accounts Office.

If a parent would like to request that excess PLUS Loan funds to be released to their student, please complete and return a PLUS Loan Release Authorization form to the Financial Aid Office. If the parent would prefer that the credit balance be returned to the lending bank, please contact the Student Accounts Office.

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