Enrollment Changes

Enrollment Changes Before Aid Is Disbursed

All initial financial aid award packages are based upon full time enrollment.

Full time enrollment is defined as 12 credit hours per term for undergraduates and 9 credit hours per term for graduate students.

Students who plan to attend part time must contact the financial aid office before the beginning of a term to have their aid revised.

Pell Grant and Oregon Opportunity Grant award amounts vary with attendance level (full time versus part time).  Depending upon each student’s financial aid package, other aid programs award amounts may be the same for full or part time attendance.

Enrollment Level Table by Student Level and Credit Hours

Student LevelFull timeThree quarter timeHalf timeLess than half time
Undergraduate12 or more9-116-81-5
Post-baccalaureate12 or more9-116-81-5
Graduate9 or more7-85-61-4

Enrollment Changes After Aid Is Disbursed

Commonly, students add and drop courses at the beginning of a term as they adjust their course schedules.  When these course schedule adjustments result in enrollment level changes (i.e. from full time to part time), financial aid award amounts may change.  Award amount changes may occur through the end of the 4th week of fall, winter and spring terms.  At the end of the 4th week of these terms, financial aid is “frozen” and no further changes will be made.  The Financial Aid Office refers to the end of the 4th week as the “freeze date.”

As an example, if a student received financial aid at the start of the term calculated on full time enrollment, and the student’s enrollment is less than full time on the freeze date, some aid will be recalculated based upon the student’s enrollment as of the freeze date.

Students enrolled less than half-time on the freeze date are not eligible for some federal funds (some students have Pell Grant eligibility at less than half-time).  In these cases, financial aid disbursements will be reversed (taken back).  When the Financial Aid Office reverses disbursements, students then have a balance on their student accounts.  Students are responsible for paying any balance on their accounts.

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