EPCC – Members


Member Representation Term Email
Rae Ette Newman Education Faculty 14-16
Darren Dutto Education Faculty 13-15
Matt Cooper A&S Faculty 14-16
Laura Mahrt A&S Faculty 14-16
Peter Maille A&S Faculty 13-15
Sally Mielke Librarian (Chair) 13-15
Jacelyn Keys Advising Rep 14-16
Elwyn Martin  Registrar
Laura Gow-Hogge Business Faculty 14-16
Donald Wolff Provost or designee **
 Gabriel Tzeo Student 14-15
 Alex McHaddad Student 14-15

** Represents Ex-officio role on Committee

The Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee shall consist of  twelve (12) members, including six (6) teaching faculty with representation from each college as follows: three (3) teaching faculty from College of Arts and Sciences, two (2) teaching faculty from College of Education and one (1) teaching faculty from College of Business [at least three (3) of the teaching faculty members must be tenured]; one (1) librarian; two (2) students; the Registrar and an administrative faculty member who has an understanding of the unique needs of online students as they pertain to curriculum and other EPCC issues. In addition, the Provost or his/her designee shall serve ex officio without vote. The Provost’s Office shall provide staff support for the Committee. Teaching faculty members shall be elected by their respective Colleges to two-year terms.

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