Distance Course Policy


Qualified instructors who wish to offer English or Writing courses for Eastern credit at a distance must have their courses approved by the English/Writing Program prior to being offered.

Course approval materials will be reviewed between September 15 and March 15 within 30 days of English/Writing receipt of paperwork. If English/Writing faculty request revisions to the syllabus or clarifications, the materials will be reviewed a second time within 30 days from English/Writing receipt of additional materials or information. Instructors should be prepared for this review process and willing to dialogue with faculty about syllabi expectations. Materials will not be reviewed during the summer.

Eastern’s English/Writing Program approves individual teachers and courses, not departmental offerings. That is, each course by a specific teacher must be certified individually. Once an offering has been approved, changes in course focus can be authorized expeditiously, if Eastern’s English/Writing Program standards, means of assessment, criteria, and proficiencies are maintained. Approved courses will be reviewed each year in order to maintain standards. After the initial approval, each time the course is taught the syllabus must be resubmitted.


In order to be approved, the instructor must provide DDE with the following documents before offering the course:

  1. A completed Course Approval Form.
  2. A copy of the instructor’s resume/CV indicating he/she is qualified to teach the course. Instructors with appropriate master’s degrees and appropriate background and/or experience may teach 100- and 200-level courses. Teaching at the 300 level and above requires an appropriate terminal degree.
  3. A detailed course syllabus with the following information:

Standard School of Arts and Sciences Syllabus Requirements

  • Course name and number
  • Catalog description, including prerequisites and credit hours
  • Instructor contact information
  • Course location, dates, and times
  • Learning outcomes (reflecting General Education, UWR, and English/Writing outcomes)
  • Means of assessment connected to outcomes, including assignments, criteria, and due dates
  • Grading description and scale
  • Texts and materials
  • Schedule
  • Academic integrity and disabilities statements as follows:

Statement on Academic Misconduct: Eastern Oregon University places a high value upon the integrity of its student scholars. Any student found guilty of an act of academic misconduct (including, but not limited to, cheating, plagiarism, or theft of an examination or supplies) may be subject to having his or her grade reduced in the course in question, being placed on program or suspended from the university, or being expelled from the university–or a combination of these. (Please see Section II of the 2002-2003 Student Handbook and Planning Calendar: Campus Citizenship (Academic), p. 32ff. Campus Citizenship (Behavior), p. 41ff.)

Special Needs: If you have a documented disability or suspect that you have a learning problem and need accommodations, please contact the Disability Services Program in Loso Hall 234. Telephone: 962-3081.

English/Writing Course Approval Syllabus Requirements

  • Writing policies, particularly with regard to defining plagiarism, detailing proper citation format, and indicating institutional penalties for plagiarism (see Academic Honesty Code in General Catalog)
  • Critical and scholarly approach to writing, reading, speaking, and/or research to demonstrate the college-level rigor expected
  • Writing and revision strategies to be used (e.g. multiple drafts, peer/tutor/instructor response, etc.)
  • For X10 course proposals (110, 210, 310, 410), clear indication of how this course differs from regularly numbered courses or of factors mitigating approval of the course as an X10

Sample syllabi may be available in the Course Schedule in Webster . Also, some English/Writing syllabi are available in the Program Description (Further Course Information) and linked to Faculty web pages at the English/Writing home page.

The contact person for the English/Writing course approval process is Nancy Knowles (nknowles@eou.edu or 541-962-3795).

Last update: 19 Sept. 2012.