Advanced Placement (AP) Credit Policy

AP Policy

English/Writing AP Liaison is Donald Wolff ( or 541-962-3527). 

AP Scores of 4-5 on either the Literature and Composition Test or the Language and Composition Test entitle the student to 10 Eastern lower division credits.


Four (4) credits are awarded for English 104.

Four (4) additional credits MAY be awarded for Writing 121 in one of two ways:

  1. The credits are automatically awarded for WR 121 to students completing AP courses at high schools whose AP syllabus, standards, proficiencies, and evaluative criteria have been established through close collaboration with Eastern’s English/Writing Program and the individual AP course instructor.These standards are to reflect explicitly PASS English Proficiency Standards.
  2.  Any AP student may petition for WR 121 credit by submitting a portfolio of work from a high school AP course that effectively represents the writing standards, proficiencies, and evaluative criteria from the AP English curriculum. The proficiency standards and criteria are to reflect explicitly PASS English Proficiency Standards. Portfolios should contain at least five writing samples, representing a number of modes, and providing evidence of drafting and editing. At least one piece must have been produced under test conditions and certified by the teacher or school  This body of evidence (the portfolio) must be sufficient to demonstrate proficiency in writing at the college level.

The portfolio should have a framing statement that effectively petitions Eastern’s English/Writing Program for WR 121 credit and that reflects upon the student’s composition experience and abilities through reference to the documents in the portfolio. The portfolio must also contain a letter of support from the student’s AP instructor that also guarantees that the work in the portfolio is the student’s own. The portfolio will be reviewed by at least two members of the English/Writing Program before credit is awarded. In some cases, credit for WR 121 may not be approved.

  • Students who receive credit for both English 104 and Writing 121 shall receive two (2) additional credits applied to general baccalaureate degree requirements.
  • Students who receive credit for only English 104 shall receive six (6) additional credits applied to general baccalaureate degree requirements.
  • Students who receive an AP score of three (3) receive no Eastern credit.

**List of Approved AP High School Offerings, which entitle students to automatically receive credit for WR 121 in addition to ENGL 104:

No Offerings Currently Approved.

For other standardized tests, see Standardized Testing Policy.

Richard H. Haswell’s “Raising the Cut-Off Score on the College Board Advanced Placement Examinations in Composition and Literature: Justification for a First-Year Writing Curriculum” includes comparative data and a rationale for maintaining high standards in allocating AP credit for writing.


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