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So, what do you do with an Economics degree from EOU? That’s a question that is often asked and the answers are varied. Economics provides a rigorous program of quantitative and qualitative skills that translate exceptionally well to many future paths, including the financial field, law school, the public sector, private enterprise, or pursuing graduate study. But, don’t take it from us. The Economics degree is only in its second year and our current and former students are already making waves. Here is a sample of our students and what they are doing now:

  • Anthony Eisenbarth (Economics 2015) was accepted into 4 graduate programs in economics, including the PhD program at UMKC, where he is currently in his second year
  • Johnny Fulfer (Economics 2016) has conducted a socioeconomic analysis of Malheur County for Calico Resources mining project and has recently been admitted to graduate school for economics.
  • Mathew Chatham (Economics 2016) finished work on an Eastern Oregon Economic Index and is currently working as a data analyst in
  • Tarita Keohokalole-Look (Economics 2016) is finishing her work with the Center for Rural Studies performing a feasibility study of the Rails with Trails multi-million dollar multi-use trail along Elgin-Joseph rail system
  • Norvin Faltir (Economics 2016) is working on researching the Rai Stone money of Yap, Micronesia with Professor McConnell
  • Eyler Aldrich (Economics 2016) served as an intern over the summer of 2015 with Boise Cascade Corp. as a policy analyst
  • Evan Bryan (Economics minor 2015) is currently serving as an intern at the U.S. House of Representatives and attending George Washington University in pursuing an MS in Public Policy
  • Patricia Taylor (Economics minor 2016) has been accepted to 6 (and counting!) Law Schools and will be making her decision soon!
  • Sarah Palmer (Economics minor 2015) finished her work with the Rails with Trails project and is now working on her MBA at EOU

We are also the degree of College and University Presidents!

EOU President Tom Insko graduated with his Business Economics degree from EOU in 1994

Treasure Valley Community College President Dana Young graduated with her Business Economics degree from EOU in 1988

The Economics degree program works very closely with EOU’s Center for Rural Studies and the Regional Solutions Center to find student internships that provide valuable real-world experience (and sometimes they are paid!) Generally, we like for the students to do this in their senior year as a Capstone/Practicum experience.