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Want to be famous? Study Economics!

Famous People with Economics Degrees

Business Leaders

Ted Turner

CNN, Atlanta Braves/Hawks (Brown)

Richard Trumka

President of United Mine Workers (Penn State)

Steve Ballmer

CEO, Microsoft (Harvard)

Esther Dyson

Silicon Valley software pioneer (Harvard)

Diane von Furstenberg

Fashion Designer (University of Geneva)

Scott McNealy

CEO, Sun Microsystems (Harvard)

Meg Whitman

CEO, Ebay Technologies (Princeton)

William Harrison, Jr.

CEO, JP Morgan Chase (UNC-Chapel Hill)

John Sweeny

President, AFL-CIO (Iona College)

Kenneth Lay

Former CEO of Enron (University of Houston, PhD)

Donald Trump

Real Estate/TV Mogul (University of Pennsylvania–Wharton)

Warren Buffett

Financier (Columbia School of Business, Master’s in Economics)

Sam Walton

Founder, Wal-Mart (University of Missouri)

Masayoshi Son

Founder and CEO, Softbank Capital (Cal Berkeley)

Henry Kravis

Business financier, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (Claremont McKenna College)

Robert Diamond

CEO, Barclays Capital (Colby College)

Politicians and Policymakers

George H. W. Bush

Former US President (Yale)

Ronald Reagan

Former US President (Eureka College)

Gerald Ford

Former US President (University of Michigan)

Phil Gramm

US Senator (University of Georgia, PhD)

Stephen Harper

Prime Minister of Canada (University of Calgary)

Li, Keqiang

Premier of China (Peking University, PhD)

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

Former Philippines President (Assumption College)

Manmohan Singh

Prime Minister of India (Oxford University, Ph.D.)

Ernesto Zedillo

Former President of Mexico (Yale University, Ph.D.)

Carlos Salinas de Gortari

Former President of Mexico (Harvard University, Ph.D.)

Janez Drnovsek

Prime Minister of Slovenia (University of Maribor, Ph.D.)

Ruud Lubbers

Former Prime Minister of The Netherlands (Netherlands School of Economics)

Anatoly Chubais

Former Deputy Prime Minister of Russia (St. Petersburg Institute, Ph.D.)

Leszek Balcerowicz

President of the National Bank of Poland (Warsaw School of Economics, Ph.D.)

Abdullah Gül

Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey (Istanbul University, Ph.D.)

Duck-Woo Nam

Former Prime Minister of South Korea (Oklahoma State University, Ph.D.)

Kofi Annan

Secretary General of the United Nations (Macalester College)

Yuliya Tymoshenko

Prime Minister of Ukraine (Dnipropetrovs’k State University, Ph.D.)

Viktor Yuschenko

President of Ukraine (Ternopil Financial and Economic Institute, Ph.D.)

Geir H. Haarde

Prime Minister of Iceland (Brandeis University)

Martin Torrijos

President of Panama (Texas A&M)

David Emerson

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister (University of Alberta; Queen’s University, PhD)

Georgia Neese Clark

First woman Treasurer of the United States (Washburn University)

Dick Armey

US Congressman (University of Oklahoma, PhD)

Jim Bunning

US Congressman/Hall of Fame Baseballer (Xavier)

William Isaac

Former Chairman of FDIC (Miami University)

George Schultz

Former US Secretary of State (Princeton; MIT Ph.D)

Barbara Boxer

US Senator (Brooklyn College)

John Snow

US Secretary of Treasury (University of Virginia, PhD)

Robert McNamara

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense (University of California–Berkeley)

Tom Lantos

U.S. Congressman (University of Washington-Seattle; Cal-Berkeley, PhD)

Tim Kaine

Governor of Virginia (University of Missouri)

Roy Romer

Governor of Colorado (Colorado State; Ag Econ)

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Body Builder/Actor/ former Governor of California (University of Wisconsin)

Alan Greenspan

Former chair (13th) of Federal Reserved Board (New York University, MA)

Ben Bernanke

Former chair (14th)of Federal Reserved Board (Harvard and MIT, PhD)

Janet Yellen

15th Chair of Federal Reserved Board (Yale, PhD)

Mark Carney

Governor of the Bank of England, former Governor of the Bank of Canada (St Peter’s College, Oxford, DPhil)

Athletes and Sports Figures

John ElwayNFL quarterback (Stanford) 
Bernie KosarNFL quarterback (University of Miami) 
Mike MussinaMLB Pitcher (Stanford) 
Merlin OlsonActor/Former NFL player (Utah State University) 
Lenny WilkensNBA Coach/Hall of Famer (Providence College) 
Tiger WoodsGolfer (Stanford, declared major) 
Jeremy LinNBA player (Harvard) 
Peter VidmarOlympic Gold Medalist Gymnast (UCLA) 
Jennifer AzziWNBA guard Utah Starzz (Stanford) 
James BlakePro Tennis Player (Harvard, declared major) 
Austin CarrFormer NBA player (Notre Dame) 
Bill BelichickNFL Head Coach–Patriots (Wesleyan University) 
Billy KiddProfessional Skier (University of Colorado) 
Billy PackerSports Broadcaster (Wake Forest) 
Roger GoodellNFL Commissioner (Washington and Jefferson) 
Todd DunivantMLS player (Stanford) 
Roger LevesqueMLS player (Stanford) 
Brendan MorrisonNHL player (University of Michigan) 
Marvin MillerFormer MLB Players Association Executive Director (NYU) 
Bruce BennettOlympic athlete and actor (University of Washington) 
Dave Elmendorfformer NFL player (Texas A&M) 

Musicians & Actors

Mick JaggerRolling Stones (London School of Economics, declared major) 
Mario Van PeeblesActor/Director (Columbia) 
Young M.C.Singer (University of Southern California) 
Lionel RichieSinger/Songwriter (Tuskegee University) 
Alex KeatonTV sitcom character (the mythical Leland College) 
Ray ManzarekMusician; The Doors (DePaul University) 
Josiah “Jed” BartlettFictional US President on NBC’s West Wing (Notre Dame, PhD) 
Danny GloverActor (University of San Francisco) 
Robert ProskyActor (Temple) 
Peter GallagherActor (Tufts) 
George WendtActor (Rockhurst College) 
Gene KellyActor/Dancer (University of Pittsburgh) 
Greg GinnMusician–Black Flag /SST Records founder (UCLA) 
Famke JanssenActress (University of Amsterdam) 
Cate BlanchettActress (Melbourne University) 
Ben SteinActor/political speechwriter (Columbia University) 
Benjamin McKenzieActor (University of Virginia) 
Bob BarkerTV Game Show host (Drury College) 
Lara DuttaMiss Universe 2000 and actress (Bombay University) 
David HartmanActor (Duke University) 
Mo OstinRecord Industry Executive and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer (UCLA) 
Paul GuilfoyleActor (Yale) 
Karina SmirnoffChampion dancer; Dancing With the Stars (Fordham University) 


The institution in brackets refers to the place where the person attained an undergraduate degree in economics, if not otherwise stated (such as “MA”, or “PhD”, etc.)