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Information for Teachers

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are a blend of high school, college and university faculty who are charged with the development and assessment of curricular models in Eastern Promise. These PLCs meet regularly to work on proficiency development and at scheduled times meet to assess the Sponsored Dual Credit work of the students.

To be eligible/“authorized” to teach credit by proficiency courses through Eastern Promise, high school teachers must meet several requirements:

  1. Be approved by their high school administration and their respective partner in higher education (i.e. EOU, BMCC, TVCC)
  2. Have taught in the discipline or related subject area for at least three years or have a master’s degree, preferably in their teaching discipline – verification required.
  3. Attend an Eastern Promise training session in their discipline conducted by the appropriate Eastern Promise Professional Learning Community (PLC)
  4. Become an active member of the PLC; i.e. attend all meetings and trainings throughout the year.
  5. Renew authorization annually, and be willing to allow college and university faculty to assess their performance

Professional Learning Communities

  • Upcoming PLC Meetings/Trainings
  • Credit Overlay Non-Admitted Form / Credit Overlay Reg Form – These two forms are required if you are choosing the option of receiving a grad credit for your participation in an Eastern Promise PLC group. Your participation in a PLC group will be verified by the attendance sheet from your PLC meeting.  Please send your completed forms, and any questions you may have to Laurie Powell at lpowell@eou.edu.
  • PDU Certificate   – A PDU certificate is available to use for attending your Eastern Promise PLC meeting, ask Laurie Powell for more information


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