Professional Learning Communities

Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

Eastern Promise Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are designed to foster the development of opportunities for early college credit. Over the past few months, PLC leaders and groups have met to create proficiency assessments. Most of these groups are set to have training sessions to be delivered in the Fall. Schools and teachers wishing to participate in offering a credit by proficiency opportunity during the 2014-15 school year MUST attend the appropriate training session. Meeting dates are listed below.


PLC members may choose to receive the graduate credit, or they may choose to receive a stipend equal to the cost of the credit ($286.75). PLC members are required to have at least one assessment meeting each year. For the work associated with the assessment both at the meeting and outside of that time, each K-12 PLC member will receive $500. If necessary, a PLC group may conduct a second assessment meeting. The PLC leader is responsible to determine if an additional assessment meeting is necessary and if any additional payment will apply. In order to receive either the graduate credit, stipend or assessment payment, each PLC member is required to submit a completed reimbursement form.  The forms are available at each PLC meeting and will be collected and returned to Laurie Powell. Incomplete forms will not be processed.  Please contact Laurie Powell if you have any questions regarding reimbursement for PLC meeting attendance.


Upcoming 2014-15 PLC Meeting dates for all new and continuing participants:


with Shaun Cain, Laura Mahrt EOU,  June 12, 2015 at EOU.  This group will meet from 9:00am – Noon.  Please email for more information..


with Colby Heideman-EOU, June 5, 2015. This group will meet online, not on campus. Please email for more information.

with Kevin Seward/Lisa Frye BMCC, Oct. 10th from 1:00 – 4:00 at the EOHEC Conference Room

Computer Science

with Gary Palmer-BMCC (met in September, not sure if meeting again)

with Richard Croft – EOU TBD


with Kelly Rice EOU, June 5, 2015.  This group will meet online, not on campus.  Please email for more information.

History 101-3

with Gerry Hampshire TVCC, October 3 at 10:00am (9:00am IMESD)

History 200

with Theresa Pihl, May 29, 2015. This meeting will be held at Imbler High School.

with Theresa Pihl, June 1, 2015.  This meeting will be held at Hermiston High School.

Language Art

with Nancy Knowles and Allison Timmons, May 21, 2015.  This group will meet at BMCC.  Please email for more information.


with John Thurber at EOU, June 5, 2015.  This group will meet from 9am to Noon.  Contact for more information

 Spanish 107-109

with Jill Gibian EOU, March 6 2015.  This group will meet in Zabel Hall 108 at from 9:00am – 3:00pm Please email for more information

Spanish 101-103

with Heidi Thorstad and Heather Sherman BMCC, October 10 at Pendleton IMESD from 8:30 – 3:30


with April Curtis EOU, March 6 2015  

with Cheri Kendrick BMCC, March 6 2015.  This group will meet  from 9:00am – 2:00pm at BMCC Pioneer Room 132 – Please email for more information.

Success 101

with Danny Mielke EOU, June 18, 2015.  This is a meeting for new teachers only.  Please email for more information.

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